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There is nothing new about the fact that we as human beings love to eat at restaurants and also love to order our favourite dishes to have delivered to our doorsteps. Sometimes we feel like stopping by at a bakery to pick up some pastries, or to taste a new dessert. 

Whatever it is that we fancy, cooks, chefs and bakers are the people thanks to whom we enjoy such a myriad of delicacies spanning a vast range of cuisines. 

Easy as it may seem, the job of a cook or a chef is complex and diverse. Likewise for bakers, whose responsibilities do not end with just baking breads and cakes. Cooks, chefs and bakers are responsible not only for preparing the dishes that are sold at restaurants, cafes, bakeries, bistros etc., but also to employ their cooking skills and culinary expertise in the development and creation of new dishes, creating menus, incorporating a wide variety of ingredients both locally available as well as exotic in order to create a pleasurable dining experience. 

They need to have an extensively wide knowledge of recipes, a deep understanding of ingredients, spices, condiments and be comfortable and confident in employing a variety of cooking styles and techniques. 

Not only are their culinary prowess and craftsmanship highly sought after, excellent communication as well as management skills are also necessary qualities that a good chef or baker must have, as they work with an entire team in modern day eating establishments. They need to have great coordination skills as the entire kitchen team is supposed to function in harmony. Cooks, chefs and bakers also need to be able to create unique dishes from time to time as well as special items for holidays, weekends and festive occasions. They need to also have a keen eye for beauty and aesthetics, as food presentation is extremely important in the food and beverage as well as in the hospitality industry. 

Chefs and bakers also need to keep a stock of ingredients and supplies they have on hand, and to place orders with vendors in time for whatever items they are likely to require so that all items on the menu are consistently available to guests. 

Equally important is the ability to maintain a tidy, clean and well maintained kitchen that is free from any harmful substances or contaminants, and also the ability to train and guide junior chefs in due course.

The work of chefs and bakers is highly thrilling, and given how people in India (and of course, the world) love to eat, there will always be a demand for high calibre culinary craftsmanship. 

Hire Chef Ads in Newspaper

Nowadays, cooking schools and hotel management institutes have placement events as well as campus recruitment drives, and aspiring young chefs also take to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to showcase their culinary repertoire. It is through these platforms as well as professional social networking sites like LinkedIn that they are able to find opportunities and connect with prospective employers. 

However, in a country like India where the newspaper is an important part of social and cultural life, the classifieds section is rich in listings across diverse ad categories. Needless to say, recruitment ads in newspapers are still hugely popular among people seeking work as a cook, chef or baker. 

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A typical newspaper ad seeking a chef and baker would look like this: “Required experienced chef and experienced baker for Regent Inn, Kolkata. Candidates for either vacancy must have at least 5 years experience in hospitality. Salary negotiable. Contact: 8001920161.”

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