Know how to book Lost and found Ad in Hindustan Times Newspaper !

Lost and Found Advertisements are used as a means to prove and declare the loss of important Documents like Educational Documents, Property Documents, Share Certificates and Government issued Documents like Passports etc. A Person needs to publish these Ads on both Local and National Newspapers if he wants to get a Duplicate Copy of the lost document.

Telegraph Lost and Found Ad

Documents required:

  1. FIR/ A General Diary: This can be obtained from a Police Station. You need to provide the details of the Documents Lost/Stolen and get it stamped and Signed by the Officer-in-Charge. FIRs can also be filed online by visiting the Official Website of the City or State Police.
  2. Notarised Affidavit : To get an Affidavit Notarised visit the Local Court, declare the loss and provide descriptions of the Documents. Get it stamped and signed by the Notary. Nowadays Notarised Affidavit can be received from Online Agencies as well.

About releaseMyAd :

releaseMyAd provides its Customers the chance to use its online services to book a Classified Lost and Found Advertisement in Hindustan Times. You just need to keep the Documents handy before you book the Ad. Through our impeccable Services and numerous Offers we want to give you a wholesome advertising experience.


  1. LOST my (Lost Item/ Person) around (Location) on (Date/Time). If (Found/Seen) Please contact: 0000000000.
  2. I (Name) have lost my Original Pass Certificate of HS year (Year) Roll no. ABC/12345 Matric Board. If Found Please Contact: 0000000000.

Few Quick Tips :

  1. Please book the Ads two days in advance to help us with on-time Ad processing.
  2. Also make sure that the Documents are not older than six months from the Date of Release of the Ad.

Ad Booking Steps for Hindustan Times Newspaper :

  1. Select the Ad Type – Classified Text Ads or Classified Display Ads ,
  2. Select the Edition and Package ,
  3. Compose the Ad and Select Enhancements to highlight the Ad. Refer to the Sample ads while composing your own matter.
  4. Select the Dates and upload your Documents without failing.
  5. Make the Payment.

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