Want to Book Grooms Wanted Matrimonial Ad in Hindustan Times?

Since ages, newspapers are considered as one of the most trusted mediums. Studies have also shown that even today, a large section of people in our society depend on the newspapers for matrimonial ads. 

Matrimonial ads have remained a constant source of advertisements almost for every newspaper nationwide. Some newspapers are popular mainly for Matrimonial ads which are published in them throughout the year, like in Hindustan Times. With an estimated circulation of more than 1.4 million copies on an average day, Hindustan Times reaches readers in all parts of India, catering to a total readership exceeding 37 million people. This newspaper is immensely popular across the Northern part of India including Delhi/NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and even Haryana. Hindustan Times Matrimonial ads are published by a hoard of people mainly because of its high rate of relevant responses. The newspaper has a wide circulation along with a huge readership which ensures that it reaches out to a wide audience. Hindustan Times  has the maximum number of matrimonial advertisers who have more often than not received relevant responses and ended up with some of the best matrimonial matches.

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Hindustan Times is very popular among the elite and educated class. Therefore you can be rest assured of getting maximum responses from reputed families in India.  Hindustan times matrimonial ads get maximum exposure to drive higher and better responses for their matrimonial ads. HT matrimonial is published every sunday which further ensures that the ads get the attention they deserve. A recommended focus day helps both the advertiser and the reader. Rather than spending hours every day looking for the perfect match, they can dedicate a specific day for the entire process of searching and contacting to find the best match. 

If you are finding the most suitable groom for your loved ones, Hindustan Times is highly recommended. It is one of India’s most prestigious and best selling English language newspapers with an extremely wide readership all over India. The sole purpose of booking wanted Groom newspaper ads is to get the maximum possible response from potential grooms across the country. Now you can place your advertisement in the newspaper by booking it online through releaseMyAd, which is the leading ad agency in India, launched in 2008. releaseMyAd assists the advertisers to reach their target audience. A smooth ad booking platform is created that lets the advertisers book ads instantly.

Hindustan Times has structured a list of package offers that ensure your ads can serve maximum readers spread across a wider region; but against a nominal investment. Packages like Sanjog Metro are ideal for people looking for brides and grooms located in metro cities of the country. The price is just Rs. 4400 for the first 5 lines. We place our bets on package offers like Better Half , priced Rs. 5300 for the first 5 lines, Saath Saath, which costs Rs. 3800 for the first 5 lines, Mumbai Lagaan for Rs. 4000 for 5 lines that cover almost all important North Indian cities. Moreover, choosing these packages also means you can get an additional spot in the classified section of Hindustan Times Classified Special Pullout that is released on Thursdays.  You can locate these aforementioned matrimonial packages easily from our Online Hindustan Times Rate Card. 

The fate of your Groom wanted ad in the newspaper also largely depends on the ad you compose. Since booking a matrimonial ad in a newspaper is quite expensive try to use standard abbreviations. However do not compromise on the quality of information as the ad reader would solely judge you on the basis of the ad matter. Another mistake people commit is providing one contact number or email id with the ad. Ideally it is better to give at least two contact numbers paired with an email id. If you are ready to pay some extra then choose some additional enhancements like screen, bold or tick to ensure maximum visibility for your wanted Groom advertisement. Matrimonial for Wanted Grooms can be booked under categories like Caste, Religion, Language, Profession and Status which will definitely fetch you relevant responses for sure. 
In case of an inquiry, call 09830629298 or email at book@releasemyad.com.

Let Hindustan Times Help You Find Your Soulmate!

Hindustan Times is one of the most respected and prestigious English language daily newspapers in India. Founded in 1924, and with its origins in the Indian Independence Movement, Hindustan Times has grown to become one of India’s largest newspapers in terms of circulation. It is the flagship publication of HT Media Ltd. and is widely hailed for its high calibre journalism and comprehensive reportage. 

Though popular in North India, Hindustan Times reaches all corners of the country and caters to a wide readership exceeding 37 million people with an estimated circulation of 1.4 million copies. It is said to be the No.1 English language newspaper in Delhi and Mumbai.

In India, marriages have been traditionally regarded as one of the most important events in a person’s life. In Indian culture, a marriage signifies not only the coming together of a bride and a groom but also the union of their respective families as well. Since time immemorial, arranged marriages have been the norm in India, and to this day still remains the norm. Indians place great emphasis on finding the perfect partner since a marriage is believed to be a sacred and lifelong bond between two people. In arranged marriages, it is the parents and the elders of the family who are involved in finding the most suitable partner for their sons and daughters. 

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Given the significance of arranged marriages even today, the matrimonial column in the newspaper still remains an important part of Indian cultural life, despite the fact that more and more people are either finding their partners on their own or signing up on matrimonial sites. 

However, despite technological advancements over the years, the newspaper still remains the trusted choice of many across cities and villages in India, making it an ideal channel for your advertising needs. Hindustan Times advertising is a recommended way to get yourself noticed. You can place your matrimonial ads in Hindustan Times and reach out to a large number of people in cities and villages across the country. Publishing your Hindustan Times matrimonial ad through releaseMyAd is an effective way to facilitate your search for the most suitable bride or groom. 

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