Here’s why you should read the Hindustan Times epaper!

Hindustan Times is a newspaper that goes back decades. With its origins dating back to the Indian Independence Movement, the newspaper has grown to become one of the country’s most respected and widely read English language news publications. 

The newspaper was founded in the year 1924, and as of today, it is owned and published by HT Media Ltd., which is one of India’s largest media and publishing organisations. Renowned for its high standards of journalism and reporting, Hindustan Times caters to a large, loyal and engaged reader base across the country. On an average day, it is estimated that Hindustan Times has more than 1.4 million copies of the newspaper in circulation, and the total number of people who rely on the newspaper to keep themselves informed and updated with the latest news is estimated to be in excess of 37 million people. Hindustan Times is said to be the No.1 English language newspaper in two of India’s most important cities, namely Delhi and Mumbai. 

Hindustan Times Epaper Online

Hindustan Times is one of the finest news publications in the country and provides readers with top-notch journalism coupled with reporting par excellence. In each and every edition of the newspaper, readers are provided with the latest news from their respective cities, the rest of India and around the world. Along with the latest local, national and international news stories, Hindustan Times also offers a wide selection of content from a diverse range of topics. These include sports, entertainment, lifestyle, health, technology, automobiles, education, among others. The newspaper also has editorial and opinion pages.

Given the vast range of content that Hindustan Times offers, it is no surprise that the newspaper is so widely loved. It is a newspaper that truly offers something for everyone. Nowadays, thanks to the advancement of technology, people have access to all the information they are looking for on their computers and their mobile phones and tablets. Almost all news publications today offer online editions of their printed editions. That being said, you can read the Hindustan Times e-paper online from anywhere you may be located, on any device that has an internet connection. 

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