HT classified ads can work wonders for your brand!

One of the most recognisable names in the English language news media space in India, Hindustan Times is one of the most respected newspapers in the country. The newspaper was founded in the year 1924, and over the years it has grown to become nothing less than a household name. 

Hindustan Times was founded by Sunder Singh Lyallpuri, whose contributions helped the newspaper play a key role in India’s fight for freedom as a nationalist daily. The newspaper is owned and published by the prestigious HT Media Ltd., of which it is its flagship publication. Well known and highly trusted for its standards of journalism as well as the quality of its news reporting, Hindustan Times is the preferred choice for a large number of readers across India. HT Media Ltd. also publishes Hindustan Dainik, which is a Hindi language daily newspaper and Mint, which is an English language business newspaper.    

Every day, it is estimated that Hindustan Times has more than 1.4 million copies of the newspaper in circulation on average, being read by a total readership estimated to be more than 37 million people all over India. The newspaper is ranked as the No. 1 news daily in the English language in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai. Easy to see why so many people book HT classified ads, isn’t it?

Classified Ads in HT

Hindustan Times is considered by many to be a newspaper for the well-informed. This is because of its dispassionate, analytical and comprehensive coverage of the latest news and current affairs from India and abroad. Along with all the latest news stories, Hindustan Times provides its readers with a wide assortment of content spanning numerous topics of interest. These topics include entertainment, cricket, lifestyle, astrology, editorials, business, sports and many more. This diversity of content makes Hindustan Times a newspaper for everyone as it caters to a wide range of tastes, preferences and interests. 

In India, newspapers occupy an important place in the social and cultural lives of the people, and one can safely say that they are household staples across India. For this reason, placing classified ads in newspapers is a highly effective way to reach one’s target audience. Classified ads are immensely popular because they are cost effective and easy to book. These ads are conveniently arranged on the basis of ad category, and this makes it easy for people to find exactly what they need. 

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