Know How Hindustan Classified Ads are priced!

Hindustan reports on a variety of subjects like Politics, Education, Sports, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Finance and Advertisements. It is daily published in the Locations of Delhi, Agra, Allahabad, Dehradun, Meerut, Kanpur, Varanasi and many more. The e-paper version is nowadays available for people to read anytime without actually buying the physical copy. It has a readership of more than 19 lakh Customers as per the (July-Dec 2018) Study of the Audit Bureau of Circulations. 

In reality the Price for a particular item is directly proportional with its Market demand and supply, price of Hindustan is also set according to these aspects. The other aspects constituting the price of an Ad are the Locations, Ad Categories, Ad Types and Enhancements used. releaseMyAd also provides Discounted Packages for the convenience of the Customers. The Packages differ for each Category.

Booking/Ad Formats :

Hindustan Classified

Booking Formats are of three types – Classified Text, Classified Display and Display Ads. Text Ads are charged according to the number of lines used by an Ad Matter and the enhancements used apart from the Categories and Locations. CD and Display Ads are charged on the basis of Ad Size and Colors. Moreover, Display Ads are also charged as per their position with respect to different Newspaper Pages.To view the ad rates for Hindustan Newspaper click here:

Categories :

As mentioned before Ad Categories play a crucial role in deciding the price of a Newspaper. The Price changes for most of the Categories . Matrimonial Ads have Packages only, there are no Single Editions.

Ad Booking Steps :

  1. You need to Select a Category to start with ,
  2. Select an Ad Type/ Format.. Select an Edition or a Package ,
  3. Upload your own design or compose the matter with the help of the Templates ,
  4. Select the Dates and upload your Documents if they are required by Hindustan.
  5. Make the Payment. 

To book an Ad in Hindustan Newspaper follow the steps and also please feel free to call us at 9830629298 if you have any questions in your mind.