Thinking of placing your ad in the Hello supplement of Lokmat? Here is how

Lokmat is the no. 1 Marathi newspaper in Maharashtra & Goa states. Being most famous & popular among the all groups of people in the entire Maharashtra, It is the largest highest read Marathi newspaper with more than 2.18 cr readers according to the IRS 2019 survey.

Hello City is the special pull out of the Lokmat. With a daily dose of Bollywood, Hollywood, fashion trends, travel and relationship, it covers lifestyle and entertainment space in newspapers. Due to its huge readership figures placing a display advertisement in the Hello city pullout section like Retail, Hotel, Restaurants, Exhibitions, and other businesses helps the advertisers to reach to the upper and middle class segment of Maharashtra easily in a short span of time.

Display Ads in Lokmat Hello City

Hello city pullout supplement of lokmat edition covers entire Maharashtra and Goa & its cities like Pune, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Jalgaon, Nashik, Ahmednagar, Panaji and many more. They have also added a new edition Delhi.

Every newspaper has a specific day or focus day to publish the advertisement to get a better response, But for Hello city pullout supplement there is no such specific day for placing an advertisement. You can easily book the ad on any day but keeping the deadline in mind that is two days prior to booking dates.

Before placing any advertisement in Hello city pullout section, it is very important to know about the specific page sizes of each newspaper, for instance, if are looking forward to place an ad in full-page then the size is 25.5cm(w) x 26cm(h), for half page the size is 25.5 cm x 15 cm. The minimum size requirement for booking an ad in the Hello City pullout section is 4 cm width x 4 cm height.

So let me explain in brief, why display advertisements are always expensive.

Firstly the ad size, if your ad matter is bigger than the minimum ad size then the cost will be comparatively  high. Secondly Ad type, color ad is always more expensive than B/W ad as it is more attractive & appealing. Thirdly page preference, cost for first page advertisement is always higher than inner page or Back page. And Lastly, edition, the rate of every edition is different from one another.All you have to do is visit our website & follow simple steps and book your ad. If you are still facing issues with ad booking You can call/whatsapp us  on this no. 9356222541 / 9830140273,  you can also visit our website for a 24×7 live chat option or easily Mail us at