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Gujarat Samachar is a Gujarati language daily newspaper that was founded before India became an independent country. Launched in the year 1932 by Chhabibhai M. Patel, Gujarat Samachar has slowly but steadily become an integral part of the lives of countless Gujarati speaking people, as well as among the most recognisable names in the Gujarati language news media space.

As of today, Gujarat Samachar is one of the most widely read regional language newspapers in India, and is one of the most popular newspapers in the state of Gujarat. Favoured by a large number of people for whom the newspaper is a reliable source of all the latest news, Gujarat Samachar has become a household staple.

Gujarat Samachar has its headquarters in Ahmedabad, and also has a branch office in Surat. Established with a mission to deliver the highest quality news reports to its readers, Gujarat Samachar is circulated widely across Gujarat, catering to its large and loyal reader base. 

Ads in Gujarat Sachar Newspaper

To reach all its readers, Gujarat Samachar is published from several locations across Gujarat. These locations are in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Mumbai, Mehsana and Bhuj, and there is also an international edition of the newspaper published from New York in the United States!

On any given day, it is estimated that there are more than 4.6 million copies of the newspaper in circulation, being read by people from all walks of life and relying on the newspaper to stay updated with all the latest news. 

Bringing to its readers all the latest news from around Gujarat, the rest of India and the world, Gujarat Samachar also offers a wide selection of stories from diverse topics of interest. These topics include entertainment, sports, business, NRI news, astrology, health, lifestyle and fashion, science and technology, and many more. The newspaper also has dedicated editorial and opinion sections.

In view of the wide range of content offered by the newspaper, the newspaper is without doubt one of the most effective ways to reach out to one’s Gujarati speaking audiences, whenever in the state they may be located. 

Advertisements in newspapers seek to inform, spread awareness and call people to action. Research has shown that newspaper ads have a higher persuasion power than radio or television ads. 

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Utilize the potential of the Gujarati community with Gujarat Samachar advertisement

Regional newspapers are an integral part of our country and Gujarat Samachar is certainly among the names that comes to mind. Founded by Shantilal Shah in 1932, Gujarat Samachar has since become a part and parcel of the Gujarati community. It is the leading Gujarati daily in Gujarat and Maharashtra with its headquarters in Ahmedabad. In perfect accordance to its name it primarily focuses on local news across Gujarat.

Gujarat Samachar is owned by Lok Prakashan Limited and it is estimated that on any given day the esteemed daily has approximately 4.6 million copies in circulation according to the Indian Readership Survey. To reach its wide range of circulation ,it has its distribution centers in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Mumbai, Bhuj, Mehsana and New York City. Gujarat Samachar is known for its extensive coverage of news from Gujarat and also around the world. Along with that it presents an in-depth analysis of a variety of topics which makes it really attractive for the readers.

Ads in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper

In its 91 years of existence, Gujarat Samachar has worked diligently to provide the latest news of the region. Its unbiased and factual journalism, ability to understand the daily struggle of a common man and emphasis on covering all the adverse viewpoints make Gujarat Samachar a unique and trustworthy newspaper for the readers. Due to its wide reach and trustworthiness , the daily is the ideal one to cater to all your advertising needs. Some key aspects why you should book an ad in Gujarat Samachar are its reach, ability to target specific demographic, credibility, flexibility and measurable results

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How to book your Gujarat Samachar advertisement online in 4 Quick Steps?

Remember those long calls and tiresome queues you had to go through when you wanted to book an ad in the newspaper? Find numbers in those newspapers and call them, just to have them direct you from one person to another. Publishing a Gujarat Samachar advertisement is also no different.

So, what makes Gujarat Samachar the go-to newspaper in Gujarat for advertisements? 

With its low ad rates, amazing reach and trust among its readers, Gujarat Samachar has emerged as one of the leading newspapers in India with a readership of over 8.3 million. It has become a trusted source of information for its readers, in turn, making the ads much more trustworthy. 

As appealing as the Gujarat Samachar advertisement might sound, the process of booking it might be too exhaustive. But in today’s digitized world, booking an ad is no more a hassle and replaces those long steps with 3 short easy ones!

So, how can you book your Gujarat Samachar advertisement in 3 Quick Steps?

  1. Start your advertising by clicking on this link:, which will direct you to our Gujarat Samachar Advertisement Booking Portal. From there, you have to choose your “Ad Type”, i.e, between Classified Ads or Display Ads.
  1. If you clicked on:
  2. Classified Ads – Select the category of your Gujarat Samachar advertisement, for eg, matrimonial, recruitment, property, etc. Following that, choose if you wanna go for a Text Classified Ad (simple text ads which only contain text, charged basis no. of words, letters and lines) or a Classified Display Ad (Ads with a picture/logo along with the text making it more appealing and are charged per sq. cm).

Following that, just select a location where you want to publish and voila! You are now ready to move forward to the next step, that is, composing your ad.

Ads in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper
  1. Display Ads For ads in Gujarat Samachar, you have to choose from the Ad options present like main newspaper, Appointment, Obituary, etc. After selecting the Ad option, you will be presented with a list of locations where the newspaper is circulated with their rates. You can choose your location and click on “Book Now” or you can also check out the ‘Discount Packages” below.

             Next, you will be asked to provide your contact details and choose the Ad Format. And there you go! You are ready to compose your ad now. 

3. Next step is composing your ad. In the case of Text Classified Ads in Gujarat Samachar, just write down the text that you want to publish. For Classified Display Ads, you have the option to choose from our existing design templates or can also upload your own. If you use an existing template, all you have to do is change the text, select the dates and go to the next step!

In case of Display Ads, after choosing your location and rate packages, you will be directed to a page to choose the AD SIZE, AD POSITION, AD FORMAT and CAMPAIGN DETAILS. 

To book ads in Gujarat Samachar, next, you have to fill in your contact details and click on “GET QUOTE”. 

4. Now that you have composed your Gujarat Samachar advertisement successfully, it’s time to make the payment. We accept both online and offline payments. Just select the dates for your ad and you can choose Debit/Credit Cards, cheques, demand drafts or any other method to make the payment. 

As soon as you make the payment, your ad will be booked and you will receive a confirmation email for the same. 

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Happy Booking!