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Eenadu is the most widely circulated Telugu language daily newspaper in India. It is the foremost name in Telugu language journalism in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The name Eenadu translates to “This Day” or “This Country” in Telugu. The newspaper was founded on August 10, 1974 by Ramoji Rao in Visakhapatnam.

Since its foundation, Eenadu has grown to become one of India’s most renowned regional language daily newspapers. It enjoys a large and loyal readership across not just the two states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, but across the rest of India among Telugu speaking people. It is a highly respected newspaper that ranks fourth among all of India’s regional language newspapers according to the Indian Readership Survey in the first quarter of 2019.

It is estimated that there are more than 1.6 million copies of Eenadu in circulation on an average day. There are several editions of the newspaper for towns and cities across the two states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, as well as for other Indian cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi for the Telugu speaking readers in each city.

Advertise in Eenadu Newspaper

Eenadu is a newspaper that is widely hailed for its high standards of journalism and the quality of its reporting. It is the preferred newspaper for Telugu speaking readers in not just the region but across India as well. The newspaper delivers the latest news and the hottest stories from districts, cities and towns across the Telugu speaking region, the rest of India and from around the world. Along with the latest news, the newspaper offers an assortment of content spanning diverse categories such as politics, business, crime, cinema, entertainment and many more.

This wide range of content makes Eenadu a newspaper that caters to every taste and preference. Such a newspaper is an excellent choice for booking your classified ads. An Eenadu classified will go a long way in getting your message across to your desired audience! 

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3 Reasons To Book Advertisements In The Eenadu Newspaper

If you have doubts about advertising in the Eenadu newspaper, here are 3 compelling reasons that will show you why choosing to advertise in the Eenadu newspaper is advantageous:

Eenadu Advertisement
  1. Eenadu is the sixth most circulated regional newspaper with a readership of 15,673,000 (IRS) in Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu and many other major cities. Eenadu  was founded by Ramoji Rao on the 10th of August 1974 and has been a household name ever since. Eenadu has about 5,906,000 readers across 25 cities. Since its foundation, it has successfully beaten its competitors including Andhra Prabha. Subsequently, Eenadu became a top Telugu newspaper. Eenadu is at the top of the print media circulation chart. Advertising is a pocketfriendly affair, especially if the ad is booked online. The rates are cheap and affordable.
  2. Eenadu is known for its extensive reporting of both local and national issues. The various pages of the paper include Hai Bujji, which is a children’s column, Chaduvu which has educational materials and interviews. Sukhi Bhava covers health issues and treatments. There are other relevant categories such as sports, entertainment and business. The diverse reports and the interest based columns are the primary reasons for its huge number of readers. All this makes Eenadu one of the most renowned regional newspapers in India. What more reason do you need to advertise in Eenadu? You can easily book advertisements in any section of this newspaper online through releaseMyAd which provides a hassle-free method of publishing your ads anytime you want!
  3. Approximately 4,70,879 copies of Eenadu in Hyderabad, 34,267 copies in Karnataka, and 13,000 copies in Chennai are circulated every day. Additionally, Eenadu is also distributed in smaller cities like Visakhapatnam, Tirupati, Nellore, Amravathi, among others. Advertising in Eenadu guarantees that your ad will reach the target audience. Due to its wide coverage and loyal readers, it is beneficial to choose Eenadu for publishing your ad.

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History of Eenadu

With a massive readership of 1,56,73,000, and circulation figure of 16,56,933 copies Eenadu is the largest circulated and most read newspaper in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The journey of Eenadu began on 10th August, 1974 in Visakhapatnam. It was founded by the Indian media baron Ramoji Rao. Within a few years Eenadu launched editions for all districts of the Telugu speaking regions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Advertise on Eenadu Newspaper

Initially, Eenadu struggled to become a daily newspaper. Composed by hand and printed using a second hand printing press, Eenadu merely succeeded to sell 3000 copies a week. Competition was tough with successful newspapers like Andhra Prabha, Andhra Patrika and Udayan. However, with a new set of directors and management, Eenadu started to grow. On 17th December, 1975, Hyderabad edition was launched and by 1976 the circulation grew to 48,000 copies. 1st May, 1978, Eenadu entered Vijaywada and in that year it surpassed the circulation figures of Andhra Prabha.

Eenadu Newspaper Advertising

Due to limited communication facilities of the 1970s, Eenadu found it difficult to enter rural areas of Andhra Pradesh. With the advent of technology in the 1980s, Eenadu was able to penetrate deeper parts of the state. Introduction of offset printing, photo composing software and computers enabled Eenadu to launch editions in smaller towns. On 20th June, 1982 Eenadu entered Rayalaseema with Tirupati edition. Karimnagar edition was launched in 1992. Reaching the remote locations was one of Eenadu’s success stories.

It took four years for Eenadu to become No.1 Telugu daily newspaper but business was highly competitive for Eenadu by the end of 1980s with many Telugu dailies running successfully. Tabloid editions were introduced for many districts and taluka towns like Suryapet and Tadepalligudem. These district dailies printed local news of the areas. Distribution agents were enrolled and vehicles were arranged for distribution. 26,000 villages, all the towns and cities of Andhra Pradesh and few regions outside the state were covered by Eenadu every day. Eenadu’s own modes of transport covers over 90% of the daily circulation. 

Rich multicoloured printing and giving prominence to Telugu speakers was also a key to its growth. Network of reporters in all districts, cities and states make Eenadu unique. Over 1800 news contributors and 300 journalists work tirelessly to ensure news is reported fast and correctly. The newspaper spoke the language of the Telugu cause and aspirations. The district’s news and events were given importance which touched the heart of local masses. Separate sections for women, students, business and farmers were introduced which connected all aspects of the society with one Telugu language newspaper, Eenadu.

Highlighting the voice of people and being the voice of democracy has always been Eenadu’s significant qualities. It is committed towards the cause of imposition of prohibition. Contributing towards various social causes and helping during natural calamities has made the Telugu speaking region of India proud of Eenadu.

Eenadu Newspaper Classified

From a struggling newspaper of 1970s to No.1 Telugu daily in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the 21st century, Eenadu’s journey has been monumental. Eenadu’s district dailies were based on market research. Local content generated new groups of readers and boosted advertising revenue. Being the highest read Telugu newspaper, advertising in Eenadu always benefited individuals and businesses alike.  With product innovation, Eenadu brought out separate classified columns not only for major cities but also for the districts. Cost of advertising in Eenadu was always affordable to help small businesses who cannot carry big budget advertising. 

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While talking about brand, it is quite evident from the circulation and readership numbers that Eenadu is a popular newspaper in South India. It ranks at number six among the other Indian language daily newspaper. Since its foundation in the year 1974 it has gathered a total reader base of   5,906,000. Eenadu provides a platform through which advertisers can communicate directly to the readers.

Eenadu Newspaper Ad

In Eenadu advertisers can book ads in Telugu language in three different formats i.e classified text, classified display and display ads. Classified texts are simple run-on-line ads charged on the basis of per lines used in the ad content. On the other hand classified display and Display ads are charged on the basis of per square centimeter unit.  

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