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Doctors are the people who help to ensure that we are in good health. Doctors are health professionals who pursue an education in medicine and then obtain a license to practice. The duties of a doctor are many and multifaceted. Through their knowledge and experience in the field of medicine, they are able to advise treatments, remedies and medications to patients, many of whom experience vastly different health conditions. 

Doctors examine patients, understand their problems, review the medical history and past treatments (if any) of the patients, diagnose the illnesses or injuries, prescribe diagnostic tests as well as medications, and even serve as counsellors for the patients. It is also the duty of doctors to inform and educate their patients about the illness or health condition they may be having, while also helping them to remain calm and relaxed.

Sometimes, doctors may also need to perform other duties, such as administering vaccines as well as other treatments. All in all, a doctor is a person who is responsible for all aspects of a patient’s healthcare and their duty is to ensure that their patients get the best possible treatment and care under them and through their expertise. 

To pursue a career as a doctor, a person first needs to undergo an education in medicine to obtain a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (also known as MBBS) degree, which is the primary medical degree awarded by medical colleges in India. 

Through their knowledge, skills and expertise, doctors are the people who save lives. However, the role of a doctor goes far beyond just saving people’s lives. Doctors, both directly and indirectly, are responsible for the increased life expectancy in people in today’s world, as well as the improved welfare and wellbeing of people. In addition to delivering treatments to cure a wide range of ailments and diseases, doctors also help to minimise pain in patients and also in the overall recovery process that patients go through. 

Along with providing cures and treatments for patients, doctors are the people who are at the forefront of research in the field of medical science. As they become successful, doctors become chief medical officers, heads of research, hospital presidents, among other highly respectable titles. 

Need Doctor Ads in Newspaper

Being a doctor is as noble a profession as it is respected. Aspiring doctors undergo years of rigorous education followed by residency at hospitals to qualify. Needless to say, doctors have been, are and will always be in great demand. 

It is generally during the final year of residency or fellowship that doctors begin their search for jobs. In a country like India, there are plenty of opportunities for doctors, both in government hospitals as well as private healthcare establishments, such as clinics, nursing homes and hospitals. Many doctors also choose to start their own private practice as well. Some even join as apprentices to other doctors before starting their own practice. Others, meanwhile, look for opportunities through newspaper advertisements

Even though the times have changed and the ways and means of finding job opportunities have likewise evolved, the importance of newspaper advertisements remain undiminished in a country like India. This is because the newspaper is regarded as a source of authentic and reliable information on a variety of topics. 

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