Advertise in Jhankar pullout of Dainik Jagran at Best Rates!

Dainik Jagran is owned by Jagran Prakashan Limited, It is one of the largest selling Hindi newspapers in India according to 2017 survey & 17th most read newspaper in the world as per 2014 data. 

Jhankar Pullout being the most popular supplement of Dainik Jagran newspaper, always remained in the top priority list of every advertiser due to its huge readership figures which is around 16.37 million as per INS survey.

As the lifestyle, fashion or even the latest technology is changing day by day it is very important to keep ourselves updated to the changing environment. For this, we need an advertisement platform having huge circulation numbers and is dedicated to city news.

Jhankar pullout covers news from page 3 to your favorite celebrity interview & gossip including both Hollywood & Bollywood. Their latest fashion trends &  lifestyle trends are covered in the Jhankar pullout. Jhankar pullout section is printed everyday meeting everyday news demand. So, placing a display ad in this section helps you to promote your business to get a quick response in a short span of time.

Ads in Dainik Jagran Jhankar

Jhankar pullout section is the best platform to promote your business in the Hindi language speaking areas of northern parts of India. It has specific editions covering states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir &  West Bengal under cities like Kolkata, Patna, Ghaziabad, Amritsar, Nainital, Dehradun and many more.

Now, to talk about the focus day for advertising in the Jhankar pullout Section, there is a specific day for booking your ad. You can book it only on Sundays, which is the only day of the week in which this pullout is published. It is the perfect day to get the best response for your advertisements. The deadline should be kept in mind which is two days prior to the publishing date.

For booking advertisements in the Jhankar Pullout Section It is very important to know the page sizes, like the full page size is  25.5cm(w) x 26cm(h) & half-page size is 25.5 cm x 15 cm. Among which the minimum size for booking an ad in Jhankar Pullout is 4 cm width x 4 cm height. By spending a minimum of Rs.8000/-, you can publish an ad in this pullout of Dainik Jagran. However, cost may vary depending on the location you choose to publish.

Display advertisements are expensive compared to classifieds. The reason behind this is firstly, the cost of any ad depends on the size in per sq. cm unit. Secondly, choosing color matter rather than black & white increases the price and lastly, the rate of every edition is different from the other based on the readership and circulation of the pullout in that region.

After knowing all the facts about the Jhankar Pullout Section, you can place your ad directly through our website by clicking on & follow the simple steps.
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