Need to place your ad in the City Bhaskar supplement? Know how!

Not everyone enjoys reading about politics, sports, and other serious happenings of the city. Many people enjoy light reading especially if they are having a busy day. 

There is a huge group of newspaper readers who only turn to page 3 of the newspaper to get their daily dose of pop culture news. Targeting such audiences Dainik Bhaskar has made a special pullout City Bhaskar which is dedicated to showcasing all the latest celebrity gossip, latest news related to pop culture, and also cultural happenings of the city.

This pullout comes along the main newspaper and people love to read it in their free time as a casual read.

Display Ads in City Bhaskar

Ads related to events, fashion and any entertainment-related categories are sure to grab more attention if advertised in this pullout rather than in the regular newspaper.

In this daily pullout, you can publish ads of all types of categories but is a supplement dedicated to entertainment news; it is recommended to publish ads featuring celebrities. For instance, a sunglass brand ad in which a celebrity is seen wearing the brand is a good example.

This entertainment supplement can be published in major cities like Delhi as well as smaller ones like Nagpur. It covers major states like Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir just to name a few.

City Bhaskar is released almost every day along with the main newspaper and every day is a focus day here and to grab the popular spot in this supplement you must book 2 days before you are planning to release the ad.

Not only this you can also choose what size you want to go for a full page (33 cm width x 52 height ), half page ( 33 cm x 25 cm)  & quarter page ( 16 cm x 25 cm ).

Now let’s talk about the real deal, pricing! Worry not, releaseMyAd always provides you the best service with affordability. Depending on the ad size, hue, and page preference we give you the best price that suits your budget.

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