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Data entry, as the name suggests, is a field of work that is concerned with the addition, verification and editing of data in electronic form in computers as well as databases. 

Data entry is a thriving industry in today’s world of business, and it is one that will always have a high demand for skilled employees. Data entry operators are the people who pursue employment in this field of work. They are the ones who efficiently and tirelessly enter raw data into databases, verify and crosscheck the data and also make edits to the data if necessary. 

This data can be of several types. Data can include sales figures, market research data, email addresses and phone numbers, survey responses and many other types. All of this data is extremely valuable to a business organisation, and it is the job of data entry executives to make sure that it is all entered in a format that is usable. 

It should be noted that the job of a data entry operator is not just limited to the mere typing of facts and figures into a computer. While the entry of raw data into software or computer programs is an integral part of their work, data entry operators need to be familiar and conversant with a wide range of tools, programs and software that make the job of data entry more efficient. One of the most basic requirements for people seeking jobs in the field of data entry is an excellent understanding of Microsoft Office. Data entry executives typically use computer keyboards for the purpose of their work, whether it is entering or for editing data. Data entry work can be performed at the office or from home, and even from other remote locations. 

In recent times, there has been the emergence of the gig economy. This has resulted in an increase in the number of job opportunities for data entry operators who now have the option to work on a short term contract basis, or on a freelance basis. 

Given the fact that large volumes of data are generated through business and non-business transactions every single day, data entry executives are invaluable to the success of any organisation wishing to utilise the information that can be derived from data.  This is because it is the data entry executives who parse through these volumes of data and arrange them in a form that the company can utilise and benefit from. 

Data entry operators are individuals who need to have tremendous focus, a sharp eye for detail, and be able to type at a high speed. They also need to be able to work with spreadsheets and online forms and must also be able to generate reports as needed.  

Additionally, data entry operators need to be able to notice deficiencies as well as discrepancies in data very swiftly, and they need to have an excellent command over language, mastery over grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Data Entry Operator Ad in Newspaper

Companies, therefore, find it challenging to hire the best data entry operators. Given the fact that competition is intense and the high demand for proficient data entry executives, companies need to make sure candidates notice them and apply for a job.

People seeking data entry jobs rely on online job portals, referrals from family and friends, professional social networking sites like LinkedIn and of course, newspaper advertisements. Even though technology has improved in leaps and bounds in recent years, the newspaper advertisement still remains as vital as ever.

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A typical advertisement for data entry vacancies would look like this:

“Needed data entry operator for IT firm in Salt Lake Sector 5. Salary as per industry standard. Candidate must have working knowledge of MS Office and have fast typing skills. Email CV to”.

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