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Owned and published by the highly reputed The Statesman group, Dainik Statesman is a Bengali language daily newspaper that has a wide following in the region. The name of the newspaper translates to “Daily Statesman”, a reference to the English language newspaper The Statesman that has been in existence since the year 1875. 

Dainik Statesman was founded on the 28th of June, 2004, and it has, over the years, grown to become a leading Bengali language news daily in the region, providing the latest news stories with a fresh, balanced and informed outlook. 

Dainik Statesman has its headquarters in Kolkata. Despite being a relatively new entrant in the Bengali language news media space, Dainik Statesman enjoys the rich reputation that its English language counterpart The Statesman enjoys, giving it immense prestige and recognition among its readers. The newspaper is well known for its standards of journalism and news reporting, and it is a newspaper that is popular among people from all age groups and all walks of life, catering to a large, loyal and engaged reader base.

Dainik Statesman Ad

Every day, Dainik Statesman brings to its readers the latest news from the region, the rest of India, and around the world. Along with the latest news stories, the newspaper also provides readers with an assortment of content spanning a wide range of topics. These topics include entertainment, sports, food, miscellaneous stories and the newspaper also has dedicated editorial sections. 

This range of content makes Dainik Statesman a newspaper that offers something for everyone. Therefore, such a newspaper is excellent for advertisers as they can reach out to a large number of people. So, by booking a Dainik Statesman advertisement, you too can reach out to your target audience, wherever they may be located. 

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