How can you place a Public Notice ad in Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper!

If we go back to history  it can be seen that the concept of notice is older than the existence of newspapers. Earlier, the cases were notified on public squares regarding any important legal proceedings, in order to make the public aware and to give notices to interested parties, in specific.  Later, with the advent of the newspapers, the orders coming from the King’s Court were published and circulated amongst the public. But with evolution the common method now is the print in newspapers.

Public notice are a an important part of the legal process to notify citizens about any ongoing or completed legal proceedings and is often considered to be of high value.  This is commonly done by  placing advertisements in newspapers and  is used as a medium to make people aware of any legal proceedings that have already taken place or are going to take place in the future.

Public notice is actually a formal announcement which is published in a newspaper legally by common individuals, companies or government as well.

Importance to publish public notice in Dainik bhaskar:

  • Notices are important to create public awareness of government activities, court hearings, public bids therefore to reach maximum people Dainik Bhaskar is a very good option as it covers the entire central northern parts of india.
  • Placing Dainik Bhaskar public notice ads is a most effective method of reaching a wide group of public because of its high circulation figure and is a pocket friendly option.
  • By printing public notices ads in dainik bhaskar newspapers end up serving both the public and the government. Public notices have a great responsibility as they inform the public of actions either big or small..
  • It accepts any public notice ad in the minimum size of 4cm X 4cm and the booking deadline is just one day prior. 

Documents required: There are various types of public notices ads and the documents depend upon what type of public notice you want to publish.

  1. Share Certificate Loss Notice: If the original share certificate gets lost, these ads are published to inform the general public & to file an application for issuing a duplicate share certificate.
    • Documents Required: Copy of FIR or General Diary Entry. Should not be more than 6 months old.
  2. Property Notice:  While making a property deal or to inform about a disputed property or change of ownership of a property these notices are published which make the process more transparent.
    • Documents Required: Ad matter in Advocates letterhead duly stamped and signed.
  3. Notice for claim against legal heirs or nomination of the property: This notice is given to ensure that everyone gets his or her part or to claim for this partition after the owner passes or is not divided by the owner.
    • Documents Required: Ad matter in Advocates letterhead duly stamped and signed.
  4. Court Notice: This notice is published to Inform the general public about the legal action taken about the legal proceedings or summons sent from the court, who is unreachable.
    •  Documents Required:  Ad matter in Advocates letterhead duly stamped and signed, court’s judgement copy or court summon.
  5. Company Notice: Notice published to inform the public about annual general meetings, change in management, change in registered name or address of company, employee absconding notice, etc.
    • Documents Required: Ad matter in company’s letterhead duly stamped and signed by the authorized signatory.
  6. Marriage Notice: To notify marriage of Indian nationals with foreigners in a foreign land.
    • Documents Required: Authorization letter from the Indian High Commission or Embassy in foreign land duly stamped and signed.
  7. Disownment Notice: Notice to the general public that a family members have been disowned from property and other family authorisations.
    • Documents Required: Ad matter in Advocates letterhead duly stamped and signedNotarized Affidavit of disownment.
  8. Bank or Auction Notice: To notify customers about some amendments in rules, to inform auctions against mortgage property, etc.
    • Documents Required:  Ad matter in Bank’s letterhead duly stamped and signed by authorized signatory.

With a few clicks you can book a public notice ad by just following this link & the steps given below:

  • Select the Edition i.e the place you want to publish your ad.
  • Choose the design templates you like and edit it with your ad matter OR you can upload pre-designed ad creative from your computer.
  • In case you want us to design your ad content you can’t contact on the below given details.
  • Click on Select Date and Make Payment and proceed to choose your preferred date from the calendar.
  • Preview your booking details and upload the supporting documents.
  • Go ahead and make the payment through your preferred mode.

All the details of payment, ad status, invoice everything will be mailed to you on your registered email id. You can check and keep a track there about what’s happening with your ad in its editorial approval – to – processing to – release confirmation on your email itself.