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There is little doubt about the reputation that The Times of India enjoys in the realm of English language journalism in India. It is easily one of the most identifiable news brands in India which is nothing less than a household name. The Times of India is owned and published by Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. and, as a matter of fact, is the world’s largest selling English language daily newspaper!

The newspaper was founded in the year 1838 and, over its rich history spanning more than 180 years, has grown to become an icon in English language news reporting in the country. It is estimated that there are more than 2.8 million copies of the newspaper in circulation on an average day, being read by millions of people across India. The Times of India is the oldest English language newspaper in India and the second-oldest Indian newspaper that is still continuously published since its first edition was published. In the year 1991, the BBC declared the newspaper to be one of the world’s top 6 best newspapers.

The Times of India commands a large and loyal readership across the country and is renowned for its excellence in journalism and news reporting. The newspaper is hailed for its comprehensive coverage of the latest national and international news as well as its impeccable standards of English. 

Matrimonial Ad in Times of India

So why should you book a Times of India matrimonial ad? Let us tell you!

To begin with, The Times of India has an extremely wide coverage across Indian cities and towns and its prestige makes it an authoritative publication. It is a newspaper that is favoured by both individuals and businesses alike.

Today, even in modern urban India, arranged marriages are still the tradition. Marriages are viewed as one of the most important events in Indian culture. Families therefore place great importance on finding the most suitable bride or groom for their children. This is because marriage is an event that marks the beginning of a new chapter where a person embarks on a journey with their significant other. Marriages signify not just the coming together of the bride and groom but also the union of their respective families as well. It’s no surprise that families want to make sure their children have the best possible partners!

Given its integral role in Indian cultural life today, booking a matrimonial ad in The Times of India will make the process of finding your perfect partner much simpler and will save you time too!

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