All you need to know about name change advertisements!

There can be numerous reasons why a person may want to change his or her name. These reasons can include a misspelling of their family name or a given name, or due to astrological or numerological reasons, or due to marriage or divorce, or even if someone is not happy with their current name. 

People may even want to change their names for reasons that are entirely personal too. They may want to merge their surnames or take on a name that is completely different from the name they were given when they were born. 

For any person, their name is special as it is a very important part of their identity. It goes without saying that on a personal level, the name a person has holds a lot of value. People want to have a name that they feel is in tune with who they are as a person, and one that suits them.

It is not at all uncommon to see people changing their names after marriage, or changing their names back to what they were previously known as after a divorce, and sometimes even children are given a combined surname that takes the surnames of both their parents. 

It is also often seen that people want to take on or discard a middle name, or change their name completely to one that they feel they identify with more, or one which they feel suits their personality better. On some occasions, people simply want to alter the spelling of their existing name, or they may even want to take on a pseudonym or a stage name as many celebrities, musicians, actors and others in the performing arts tend to do. 

People may also want to change their names for reasons that are sentimental, such as by taking on the name of a person they revere or look up to, or perhaps even a person from history, or even someone in contemporary life who has been an inspirational figure. Along with these reasons, it may so happen that a person finds their name unappealing or embarrassing. In such a situation, they may want to change their name to something that sounds nicer and they feel better about using while referring to themselves.

Name Change Ad in Newspaper

Whatever the reason may be, it is a perfectly legal practice to change one’s name. Changing one’s name is very common and is a widely accepted practice as long as there is no nefarious intent. However, there are certain legal formalities that need to be completed in order to make the change of name official and legal, as merely declaring oneself to have a different name is not legally enforceable. 

In order to make a name change legal and official, a person must submit an affidavit and also book a name change advertisement in newspaper. A change of name ad, along with the affidavit are what make the person’s new name legally binding and enforceable. According to Indian law, the name change ad must be booked in at least two newspapers. One must be an English language newspaper and one newspaper must be in the respective language of the state or Union Territory where the person resides.

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