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Most people assume that the job role of a delivery person involves just driving and delivering packages. In reality, however, the job is more complex and demanding. 

The people who do deliveries are also referred to as couriers, delivery drivers, delivery executives, delivery partners and a host of other names. All the same, they are the people thanks to whom we receive our packages in time and in good condition. They are not merely transporters of goods, but are performers of the role of a caretaker as well. This is because they have to ensure that the packages are delivered undamaged and in perfectly usable condition. 

Delivery persons are an integral and indispensable part of any business that provides delivery services. These are the people who form the backbone of such organisations as without them the business would not be able to run. 

A delivery person’s job role extends to safely delivering items to customers, documents, packages and other items while also carefully handling the company’s money and upholding its brand reputation. 

To be able to discharge their duties safely and successfully, a delivery person needs to have good driving skills, be an excellent communicator, and must be physically fit as sometimes it may be necessary to lift and transport bulky goods. Along with these qualities, a delivery person needs to have a good sense of direction, navigation skills as well as organisational and coordination skills, since just obediently following the rules of the road is not enough. Being a good delivery person means being able to navigate through crowded or narrow streets, sometimes driving a challenging vehicle, or driving in unfamiliar areas for pickup or delivery. 

Even when the package or parcel is handed over to the recipient, the role of the delivery person does not end there. They also need to obtain signatures or an acknowledgement of receipt, and explain special instructions to their recipients if there are any, and even collect payments or coupons. Delivery persons also have a customer service role, where they take customer complaints and feedback. 

All things considered, the job of a delivery person is multifaceted. They need to have a pleasant demeanour, polite attitude and a goal oriented approach. 

Need Delivery Person Ads in Newspaper

Nowadays, thanks to the rapid advances in technology, more and more people are taking to online job portals to find job vacancies in the fields that they are interested in and qualified for. Along with online job portals, recruitment agencies and walk-in interviews are also popular channels of recruitment for companies and businesses seeking to hire delivery persons.

However, the one channel of recruitment that has withstood the test of time is the newspaper advertisement. In a country like India where the newspaper is regarded as an authoritative and reliable source of information on a wide range of topics, people also rely on newspaper advertisements to find what they are looking for. 

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A typical ad for a delivery person would look like this:

“Needed delivery persons for reputed courier company in Bangalore. Attractive salary+ incentives. Contact: 8005010010.”