Now Place your ad in City supplements of Deccan Chronicle in a Hassle Free manner!

Deccan Chronicle is not only one of the largest circulated English newspapers in South India but also one of the most read newspapers across all major cities of South India. It was founded by Rajagopal Mudaliar in the 1930s & currently owned by SREI. 

City supplement is a special pullout of Deccan Chronicle. Being the most read newspaper, it has a circulation of over 1.45 million across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.  

Every newspaper has a specific day or focus day to publish the advertisement in order to get a better response, but for City supplement  there is no such specific day for placing an advertisement. You can easily book the ad on any day but keeping the deadline in mind that is two days prior to publishing date.

Display Ads in City Chronicle

City supplement is comparatively much cheaper than the main newspaper. It mainly covers  lifestyle and entertainment space in newspapers.  Due to its huge readership figures, advertisements related to  retail, hotel, restaurants, exhibitions, and other businesses helps the advertisers to reach the large masses of society easily in a short span of time. City Chronicle supplement is divided into four groups on the basis of locations like for Hyderabad region there is Hyderabad Chronicle, for Chennai region there is Chennai Chronicle & for Bangalore region there is Bengaluru Chronicle. Sunday specific city pullouts known as Sunday Chronicle.

Before placing any advertisement, it is very important to know about the specific page sizes of each newspaper, for the City supplement section the full-page size is 25.5cm(w) x 26cm(h), half page the size is 25.5 cm x 15 cm. Booking an ad through helps us to customize the ad size as per your requirement. The minimum size required for booking an ad in the City Chronicle Supplement section is 4 cm width x 4 cm height.

Price for display advertisement may vary depending on the page preference. The cost is comparatively higher if you wish to place your ad in front, back, or the third page to enhance your ad’s viewership. If you want to make your advertisement more eye-catching & attractive then you can select a color advertisement which is a bit costly than B/W.

For placing an advertisement all you have to do is visit our website  & follow simple steps to book your ad. Leave the rest to our expert designing team  to make the best design at no extra charge. If you are still facing issues with ad booking you can call/whatsapp us  on this no. 9356222541 / 9830629298,  you can also visit our website for a 24×7 live chat option or for any further queries  mail us at