How To Book Daily Thanthi Matrimonial Ads Online?

Marriages in India are not only a union between two individuals but it’s also about the families. It is believed to be a sacred institution that is respected by society and Indian legislation. However, finding that perfect partner for your loved ones is intriguing and sometimes tricky at the same time. 

Daily Thanthi Matrimonial

In India, families look out for certain credentials in arranged marriages, and talks only begin when both the parties are satisfied with each other. One of the best ways you can reach suitable families is through Daily Thanthi Matrimonial Ads. Here is how you can place them online in five easy steps: 

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  2. After selecting the target locations, you’ll be directed to the ‘Compose Ad’ ad page where you’ll be able to design your advertisement with user-friendly tools.  
  3. The custom-made page lets you select preferences such as economic or family background, educational qualification, physical traits, and many more.
  4. If you happen to go with classified display ads you get an expansive array of options fonts and images to choose from. 
  5. The final step is to select ad publishing dates and make payment through offline/online modes. 

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Find Your Soulmate with a Daily Thanthi Matrimonial Ad!

Daily Thanthi is one of the finest regional language daily newspapers in India. Founded in Madurai in the year 1942 by S. P. Adithanar, Daily Thanthi has grown to become the most popularly read Tamil language daily newspaper in India. Daily Thanthi has more than 1.7 million copies in circulation on an average day. 

Daily Thanthi is known as ‘Dina Thanthi’ in Tamil and its name translates to ‘Daily Mail’. The newspaper ranks ninth among all daily newspapers in India in terms of overall circulation figures. Daily Thanthi is printed in 16 cities across India, namely Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Pondicherry, Cuddalore, Dindigul, Erode, Madurai, Nagercoil, Salem, Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli, Tirupur and Vellore. The newspaper also has an international edition published in Dubai to cater specifically to the non-resident Tamil speaking population in the Middle East. The newspaper has made a name for itself in Tamil language journalism and commands a strong readership in southern India.

The newspaper has become a favourite among the Tamil-speaking population across India and abroad and is widely hailed for its balanced, unbiased and insightful reporting of the news and latest events from around Tamil Nadu, the rest of India and from around the world. 

Having become a newspaper that is more than just a news publication, Daily Thanthi is an excellent medium to reach out to Tamil speaking audiences in not just Tamil Nadu, but across India and even the Middle East.

Even though times have changed and more and more people are preferring to find their partners on their own, arranged marriages are still the norm for most of India and even among the Tamil population. Since time immemorial, arranged marriages have been an integral part of Indian culture, as it is believed that a marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals and that the event of marriage signifies the union of the families of the bride and the groom as well. Therefore, booking a Daily Thanthi matrimonial ad is highly recommended to simplify your search for the perfect partner.

Newspapers are still very much a part of Indian cultural life as Indians view newspapers as authentic, reliable and an indispensable source of knowledge and information. This makes Daily Thanthi an effective medium to publish matrimonial ads. 

Daily Thanthi Matrimonial Ad

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