Daily Thanthi Classified Ads – The Best in Business!

Advertising in newspapers has been around for years and still one of the effective mediums to reach out to your consumers. Despite this new digital evolution, every Indian likes to read the newspaper and feel its essence with his morning chai. It is still the reason for many meaningful conversations at the dining table.    

Daily Thanthi is one of the trusted English language newspapers in Tamil Nadu. It also happens to be one of the highest read regional newspapers in the country. Its classified ads are mainly divided into two broad categories, classified text ads, and classified display ads. 

Daily Thanthi Classified Text Ads: These are the most economical forms of advertising in the Daily Thanthi newspaper. They just comprise a simple text format and are charged on the number of characters, words, or lines. However, some minor tweaks such as border enhancement and bold fonts can be made according to the advertisers.    

Daily Thanthi Classified Display Ads: Display Ads offer many more options to design your advertisements such as customized texts, images, and graphics. They are intriguing and appealing to consumers at the same time. Display Ads are a bit expensive and are for medium to large scale businesses.   

In addition to these types, Daily Thanthi Classified Ads are further classified into various subcategories such as matrimonial ads, property ads, recruitment ads, business ads, obituary ads, and many more.    

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