Why it is important to focus on supplement and pullouts for publishing appointment display ads across newspapers

Now you might be thinking what are appointment ads? Furthermore, why should you be giving it in the newspaper? Is it anyway useful? Appointment ads are similar to recruitment advertisements. When you want to recruit new employees or make the public aware that your organization has new vacancies you are most likely to give an appointment ad.

Rather than giving a recruitment ad in the tiny section of a clustered classified page, giving an appointment ad in a display format attracts more attention and influences readers to take the call to action much faster.

Let us look at the most popular supplements available to give an appointment ad:

  • Sambad E2 
  • Lokmat Aspire
  • Vijayapadham by Mathrubhumi
  • Express Career by Indian express
  • Hindu Opportunities
  • Career Chronicle  by Deccan Chronicle
Display Appointment Ads

Display ads are attractive and assure more readership focus than any other newspaper ad formats out there. Keeping that in mind it requires spending a lot more than a classified advertisement. That’s why we at releaseMyAd make sure to provide you with the cheapest negotiable rates in the market. 

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Best Practices for Appointment Advertisements

Appointment advertisements, more commonly referred to as display recruitment adverts are very frequently published in newspapers. India is a country of opportunities and people take their education and careers very seriously. Recruitment agencies and companies with vacancies are pretty much aware of the fact that every educated individual is on the prowl for better and bigger opportunities. To fulfil this desire for acting upon better career breaks, recruiters advertise through the most commonly used medium of mass communication-Newspapers.  

Display recruitment advertisements are so common in newspapers that often they have to be rescheduled by the publications for a later release date. This also bears testimony to the fact that the competition and the need to be prominently seen is higher than other category advertisements. Therefore following certain simple steps and taking the help of a few basic tips can ensure higher visibility for recruitment advertisements in newspapers.

Recruitment or Appointment advertisements serve only one purpose-Hiring Relevant Candidates! Let’s find out about the elements that are essential in an ad that intends to hire skilled people.

Ad Content or CopyDisplay Recruitment Advertisement

In the case of recruitment display ads, the need to be creative with words is of minimum significance. Here providing the correct information about the hiring organisation or consultancy and providing the correct and complete Job description is much more essential. Therefore while creating your ad, consider the formulation of an accurate and brief Job description to help the applicant comprehend the requirement for the position open and tally them with his/her skill-set and academic background.

Appropriate contact details including address, location, contact number, email and website (if any) must be provided in the ad along with the call-to-action.

For Instance, it must be made clear in the advert that whether the applicant needs to directly Walk-in for the interview, apply online, email the resume or simply give a call to the concerned Human Resources department to schedule an interview.

Company LogoDisplay Recruitment Ads

The logo of an organisation helps the audiences become aware of the brand name as well as helps in brand recognition. The logo of an organisation with the need for hiring talented candidates is of primary significance it represents the symbol of recognition for the recruiting company. It is the main component of a company’s brand identity and is the most frequently visible mark of the organisation. A logo represents a company in the absence of any other form of visual or direct representation.

In any display advertisement meant for recruitment, placing the company in the right place for maximum visibility after it is designed in a simple yet effective manner by experts. As an advertiser, you need to ensure that while hiring candidates too, you are ensuring brand recognition in a way, in turn serving a dual purpose, therefore, a logo is of utmost significance in the case of appointment advertisements in newspapers.


Images in recruitment advertisements are used mainly to attract the attention of the reader or the target audience. So it is essential to use an image that highlights either the field of work for which there is the vacancy or highlight the achievements of the company in order to pursue the applicant to hope for a better future and careers by associating with it.

So ensure that these elements are included in your Appointment advert and you are ready to get the r applicant responses you are looking for.