Find your Soulmate Through Amar Ujala Matrimonial Ads at Low Rates!

Are you searching for the perfect partner? A matrimonial advertisement in The Amar Ujala can help you. The Amar Ujala newspaper being one of the most popular Hindi-language daily newspapers, is a perfect place for you to start the search for your soul-mate. 

Here are the following 5 steps which you need to follow to book Matrimonial ads in The Amar Ujala

  1. Go to and begin your advertisement booking process by selecting the newspaper as Amar Ujala and category as Matrimonial. You can either book Classified Text Ads (only textual and are cheaper) or Classified Display Ads (an image or logo is present along with the text and they are more attractive) according to your budget and requirements.
  2. Select the Ad Format and then proceed to select the discount package (given below). You will then be directed to the ‘Compose Ad’ page where you will have to select your preferred sub-category and preferences of your choice. While composing your ad, give all the relevant details. Do not forget to give your contact number. Mention your specific requirements like physical traits, personal information or economic and family background you are looking for in a prospective match in the ad content. Mention your own educational and professional background. You can also specify the time you wish to be contacted, if there’s any. You can also upload your own designed ad matter in case of a Classified Display Advertisement. There are other features that you can add such as a colourful background or a tick to make tour advertisement more visually appealing.
Matrimonial Ads in Amar Ujala

The various Special Offers for Amar Ujala Matrimonial Ads are as follows:

  1. Kanpur/Lucknow/Varanasi/Agra/Meerut/Allahabad – Rs. 2,099/25 words 
  2. Delhi- Rs. 3,144/25 words
  3. Dehradun- Rs. 1,052/25 words
  4. Jammu and Kashmir- Rs. 1,108/25 words
  5. Shimla- Rs. 812/25words

These are examples of a few discount packages, visit the website for more!

  1. Finally select the preferred dates for publishing your and make payments through Credit/Debit Cards, Internet Banking, Cheques, NEFT or other means as per your choice and convenience to confirm your booking. After completion of payment you will receive an invoice with all the details of the ad through your mail.

Here’s a tip for you- It is best if you book your ad two days prior to the release date to ensure a smooth booking process.

If you have any queries, you can call at 09830629298 and all your doubts will be clarified. 

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Know why placing a Matrimonial ad in Amar Ujala is a better option than registering on

Since ages, people have been trusting newspaper advertising with their matrimonial advertisements and other category advertisements. As we know, initially marriages were always arranged and are still very popular and prevalent in India. It was always believed that marriages are not only about uniting two people but both the families are also involved. Families and friends scouts for prospective brides and grooms within their social circle and acquaintances. To find a suitable match, one resorts to newspaper advertising. Amar Ujala newspaper is one such newspaper which is trusted in the state of Uttar Pradesh for more than a few decades has published matrimonial ads which have brought many families together. 

Amar Ujala has been a very popular and a steady hindi newspaper in every household of the western and the northern belt of India. This famous newspaper is circulated in locations like Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi NCR, Jammu & Kashmir and has a circulation of 27 lacs of copies. Placing ads in newspapers is the best platform to advertise Amar Ujala matrimonial advertisements which circulate almost in every part of the country. However, in this modern world, people are more advanced and show their preference in finding matches online by registering on marriage portals, for instance 

Initially and even today, elderly people preferred arranged marriages for their sons and daughters. They used to first gather information about the match and their families in regards to caste, community, education, financial stability, values, culture and compatibility before committing for marriage. In case of, all the basic fields required are filled up to find the suitable and the best match however, anyone can open a profile, genuinity might not be cent percent. 

When it comes to online matrimonial portals like, people are often misled with fake profiles, so the expectations should be straight and proper details should be searched before a request is sent to someone. Some people might not have the same virtuous intentions like the other. Anything with an online profile management system has a profound relationship with catfish. If put into simple words, fake accounts and fake profiles. Registering as a paid user is optional for every matrimonial portal so most of the individual joins with the intention of fooling around and not for serious wedding plans. If we talk about advertisements in Amar Ujala newspaper, every advertiser is genuine and is serious about getting married. 

People have the tendency of getting judged in case of having profiles on online marriage portals. By looking at some profiles, some individuals start feeling low because someone else might look or have a profile better than his. All the accounts can be viewed by anyone and everyone, so many have the fear of being missed out being judged. This does not happen if the advertisement is given in the newspapers. 

There is another factor which is of great concern that is the privacy factor in Personal details like address, location, salary details are often misused which never happens when any Amar Ujala matrimonial ad is published in the newspaper. So placing an ad in the newspaper is always a better and secured option in comparison to registering on matrimonial portals. 

Whichever matching systems are used like google, yahoo, online portals, everything is based on keywords and search protocols/ algorithms. So, the matches on every site can feel rigged. Publishing a matrimonial ad in Amar Ujala by selecting the exact location and category, there is very less chances of getting missed out. Readers are more likely to show interest in matrimonial ads and will connect with the reader in an accurate manner. 

So based on the above criterias, we can come to a conclusion that matrimonial portals like might bring people together and helps in connecting matches but placing a matrimonial ad in the newspaper under the correct category and sub category will always remain a better rather best option in receiving genuine responses. Also it should be kept in mind that till today, many from our previous generations are till ot tech savvy so they prefer placing an ad in the newspaper rather than registering online for their children. 

Placing Amar Ujala matrimonial ads in the newspaper in an easy and super fast manner, you can always opt for the service of You can simply click on the link to book your matrimonial ad in Amar Ujala in your preferred location. There are several discounted packages and offers which you can avail. 

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Take The First Step of Searching your Life-Partner with Amar Ujala Matrimonial Ad

Are you looking for a suitable life partner to tie the knot and frustrated with the different online matrimonial and dating apps that usually end up with frauds & casual flings? Try the most conventional and tried & tested medium of finding the perfect match through newspaper matrimonial adverts. Given the history of newspaper advertising, the success rates of matrimonial adverts have been really overwhelming. Unlike matrimonial sites which has a limited database of prospective brides & grooms, newspaper advertising opens the option of finding the potential match from millions of readers at a time.

With an ever-increasing list of newspapers in India, picking the right one can be a  task in itself. If you are looking to advertise your matrimonial ads in a top Hindi language newspaper you are moving in the right direction. This is because Hindi language newspapers have by far the largest circulation in India.

Amar Ujala tops the list of most widely read Hindi language newspaper in India.  The newspaper currently has 20 editions in seven states and one union territory covering 180 districts and circulating more than 2 million copies. So it goes without saying, the humongous impact it garners from advertising. The reach is achieved from the following classified ad formats:

Well, one of the most preferred platforms to book Amar Ujala matrimonial ads is through releaseMyAd. The quick and simple ad booking process accelerates the process of finding suitable alliances for a perfect life partner and a successful marriage.

Just follow the below steps in the comfort of your home and get a step closer to finding the right matchAmar Ujala Matrimonial

  • Select newspaper and the ad type – Classified Text or Classified Display.
  • Proceed by selecting matrimonial as the main category and specify the locations you want to target. You can also avail of special discounts and offers that are applicable to the choice of your locations.
  • Carefully craft your ad copy filling all the requirements you are looking from your prospective brides or grooms.
  • Finally select dates and clear payments via online or offline methods.

releaseMyAd provides a dedicated 24*7 booking option with its prompt booking process. The online portal also has a diligent team of booking & customer care experts assisting you with all the relevant queries you might have while booking your ad. Call them at 9830629298 or email your queries to book@releasemyad. 

So what are you waiting for book your Amar Ujala Matrimonial Ads now and increase your chances of finding the potential match for you and your loved ones