How are Amar Ujala Newspaper Classified Ads Priced?

Amar Ujala being a Newspaper of pretty high Standards, its pricing depends on various factors. Experts at releaseMyAd have created a pricing strategy that would be compatible with everybody’s needs and wants. for example: 

  1. The Ad Type and Format chosen to book. It is important to remember that Classified Text Ads in Amar Ujala are charged on the basis of total number of words and costs of Classified Display Ads depend on the Ad Size.
Amar Ujala Ad Format
  1. Pricing depends on Categories. For every Category the price changes ,
  2. It depends on the Editions and Packages ,
  3. For Classified Display Ad price also depends on the Color of the Ad Matter, for Black & White it is separate and likewise for Color Ad Matters.
  4. The Cost may increase for Text Ads in case Special Enhancements are.used.
  5. Finally it depends on the total number of Release Dates selected and GST at the end.

Ad Booking Steps: 

  1. Choosing the Ad type is the foremost step in this process. 
  2. Select a Category, Edition and Package ,
  3. At the next step, you will be directed to the Ad Matter Composing Page. Select the Sub-Category or Sub-Heading here.
  4. Compose the matter by referring to the Templates provided. For Classified Display Ads, the width of the box will remain unchanged while the height can be anything.
  5. Select the Enhancements to make the Ad more attractive.
  6. Finally select the Date/s and click on the Booking Details Preview option to know what all is there in the final matter on the basis of which you will be charged. 

Quick Tips to follow:

  1. After selecting the Edition, please take your time in finding the right discounted package for you.
  2. Avoid using unnecessary information to reduce the word Count or the Ad Size ,
  3. Check for Special Offers while selecting the number of Release dates.

To better understand the Amar Ujala Ad pricing in detail, we recommend our Customers to visit our website and do a little research before they actually book.

For any more details feel free to call us at 9830629298 as well.