Easily Reach Your Target Audience Through Amar Ujala Ads!

Amar Ujala is a highly esteemed newspaper in India. It was founded in April, 1948 and since then it has become a favourite of the advertisers. It has large numbers of loyal readers and huge circulation numbers. So if you are unsure about the process of booking Classified Ads in The Amar Ujala, here are the 4 Steps you need to follow to book your ad-

Ads in Amar Ujala Newspaper
  1. First visit https://amarujala.releasemyad.com/ and choose your preferred Ad Type- Classified Text or Classified Display and then the Category of ad- matrimonial, announcement, property, recruitment, name change or any other. The difference between Classified Text Ads and Classified Display ads is that- While Classified Text Ads are the most common ads as they are cheaper, they include only text which can be highlighted with a tick or can be written in bold. They are charged according to the number of lines or words. Classified Display Ads, on the other hand are a mixture of text and/or images. Both are published in the Classified page of the newspaper. Classified Display Ads contain attractive fonts, pictures, colours, company logos etc. These are charged per square centimetres.
  2. Then proceed to create your Ad or you can upload a pre-existing ad. You can also choose an ad from the samples provided in the website. Give all the details as required. You can view the preview of the ad to get an idea about how it will look on the newspaper. 
  3. Thereafter, select the dates for the release of your ad. Check all the offers and discounts before booking the ad so that you get the most out of your ad at economical rates.
  4. Finally make the payments, you can either choose the online or offline modes of payment, which include Debit Cards, Credit Cards, NEFT, Cheques and others. You can also avail for the cash collection facility in some specific locations. Once your payment is completed, you will receive an online invoice on mail.

So now book advertisements in The Amar Ujala Newspaper through releaseMyAd and reach your target audience. You will find all circulation details, discount prices and combo offers on the website. 

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Harness the Potential of an Amar Ujala Advertisement!

Founded in India’s historic city of Agra in the year 1948, Amar Ujala is one of India’s most well-known Hindi language daily newspapers. Today, the newspaper has grown to become India’s third largest newspaper and has an average circulation of more than 2.6 million copies every day.

Amar Ujala has a strong presence in India’s northern region, and publishes 21 editions in 6 states, namely Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi (serving the entire National Capital Region) and Uttar Pradesh. It also publishes editions in 2 Union Territories, namely Chandigarh and Jammu & Kashmir.

The newspaper is read across 180 districts in the regions it has editions published in. Amar Ujala is estimated to have a total readership of well over 46.5 million people, making it one of the most popularly read newspapers in India.

Being one of India’s most renowned newspapers publishing the latest news in the Hindi language, Amar Ujala has become a household name. It is one of the fastest growing newspapers in India and has been ranked No. 1 in the regions of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. It holds second place in the state of Uttar Pradesh. 

The newspaper commands a large and loyal readership in the states it is published in, and delivers high quality journalism in the Hindi language. So why think twice about booking an Amar Ujala advertisement

Ads in Amar Ujala Newspaper

Amar Ujala is a newspaper that truly caters to every taste and every preference. In addition to the latest news from around the region as well as from the rest of India and around the world, it provides a vast selection of content spanning a multitude of categories including lifestyle, entertainment, sports, technology, astrology, automobiles, business and many more.

The sheer assortment of news content in Amar Ujala makes it an excellent choice for booking your classified ads. Classified advertisements have been a popular form of advertising for centuries as they are not just economical but easy to book as well. Booking classified ads in a newspaper like Amar Ujala will definitely go a long way in helping you become more visible to your target audience.

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Why Advertising in Amar Ujala Newspaper is Effective & Easy!

Before we answer this question, let us first shed some light on what kind of a paper Amar Ujala is in reality. 

Amar Ujala is one of the oldest and most successful Newspapers of  India. It is a Hindi Daily Newspaper that is published across a large number of Cities with 21 Editions in total. The Indian Readership Survey, 2019 claims that this Paper has got an Average Issue Readership of 10.183 million Customers.It is widely popular among its readers for its unbiased take on everything that it covers, be it Politics or Lifestyle, Entertainment, Fashion, etc. The Classified Column that contains Ads of multiple Categories is well-organized and is adequately effective in attracting people who would read it to fulfill their objectives that could be finding a suitable Life Partner, or a capable Employee or a Great Business Deal. 

Amar Ujala Classified Text Ads

Posting an Advertisement in Amar Ujala will therefore undoubtedly and effectively seal the deal for anyone who wants it and for this reason, we at releaseMyAd take the opportunity to guide you in how to do so. We being one of the long-time business partners of Amar Ujala amongst other reputed Newspapers help Customers to book Ads depending on their requirements. Our User-Friendly website has got segments dedicated to Classified Run-on-Line Ads, Classified Display Ads and Display Ads.

Amar Ujala Classified Display Ad

All the Editions, Categories and Rates are neatly and carefully mentioned here. All the Customer needs to do is to visit our website and the rest of everything from thereafter is self-explanatory. He might need to upload a few Required Documents if Amar Ujala requires it. There are Templates of ads, designs to choose from.

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