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Ajit is a Punjabi language daily newspaper based in Jalandhar. The newspaper was founded in the year 1941 as an Urdu language weekly newspaper called Daily Ajit, and in November 1942, it became an Urdu language daily newspaper and it began publication from Lahore, which is in present day Pakistan. 

Once India attained independence, the newspaper moved its headquarters to Jalandhar, and in the year 1955 its name was changed from Daily Ajit to Ajit Patrika, and its language was changed from Urdu to Punjabi. In the year 1957, the newspaper was renamed Ajit. 

Ajit is a leading regional language daily newspaper that caters to a wide readership across the region. On any given day, Ajit is estimated to have a total circulation of more than 333,000 copies of the newspaper. Today, along with its Punjabi language news publication, Ajit also publishes Ajit Samachar, which is a Hindi language newspaper and Daily Ajit, which is an Urdu language newspaper. The newspaper is presently available in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir, in addition to Punjab. 

Ajit is the preferred choice among Punjabi speaking readers who rely on the newspaper for the latest news from the state of Punjab, the region, the rest of India and around the world. Along with the latest news stories, Ajit provides its readers with a vast selection of content from a diverse range of categories. These categories include district news, commercial news, industry and trade, sports as well as an editorial section. 

With such an extensive range of news and non-news content, the newspaper is sure to have something for every taste and every preference. This makes Ajit a newspaper for everyone. This is also very good for advertisers, who are able to reach out to their target audiences by booking an Ajit classified.  

Ajit Classifieds

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