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Aj is a Hindi language daily newspaper that was founded by Shiv Prasad Gupta in the year 1920. Shiv Prasad Gupta was a well known Indian freedom fighter who had a strong involvement in India’s fight for independence, and had launched the newspaper to promote the Hindi language as well as make the language more popular among the Indian people. This was his endeavour to unite the people of the country through one common language, and to instil a feeling of pride for their national identity.  

The newspaper has more than a century of rich history, of being a favoured newspaper for a large number of people. It has played a significant role in shaping the opinions and perspectives of millions of Indians since its foundation.

The name of the newspaper means ‘Today’ in Hindi, and is a popular newspaper in the northern states of India where Hindi is the most widely spoken language. Very aptly named, the newspaper addresses the most urgent and pressing issues of today, and covers them in an unbiased and thorough manner. So why not book an Aj newspaper advertisement to reach out to your target audience?

Ads in Aj Newspaper

As of today, Aj is one of the most loved Hindi language daily newspapers, and is read by a large and diverse reader base, for whom the newspaper is the trusted everyday source of all the latest news. The newspaper is published from 12 cities across the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand each day, bringing the day’s hottest news stories to all its readers. 

In each of its editions, Aj delivers all the latest news from the region, the rest of India and around the world to its readers located in various parts of the country. Along with the news, the newspaper also provides its readers with a vast selection of stories and articles discussing numerous topics of interest and importance, such as health, career, business, sports, astrology, editorial, entertainment, tourism and many more.

With such a vast range of content published in its pages every single day, Aj is a newspaper that truly caters to all its readers, providing something for everyone. This makes it ideal for advertisers seeking to reach out to a wider audience across the northern region of India. 

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