Wondering how to put a Public Notice ad in Times of India Newspaper! Know-how


Public Notice as the name would suggest is a notice given addressing the public. When placing a public notice ad in Times Of India it can be published as a classified display advertisement.

  • Reason to choose Public Notice Ads in Times of India Newspaper

One would give a public notice ad under any circumstances. Housing Society is changing its address or members are retiring and are no longer a part of the society. Under such conditions, the society has to give a public notice announcing the required. A Company’s Documents gets Misplaced/ Missing under such conditions the company also has to give a public notice to fulfil legal formalities before issuing duplicates of the lost documents. Other than this there are general public notices such as company address change, change of property ownership, etc. public notices have legal importance for which Times of India is filled with many public notices given by advertisers.

Public Notice Ads in Times of Inida
  • Documents Required

Different documents are required for different kinds of Public Notice advertisements in Times Of India.

  1. Housing Society: Ad Matter should be written society letterhead & it should be duly signed & stamped.
  2. For legal issues (such as property ownership, disownment, etc): Ad Matter Should Be Written in a Lawyer Letterhead & it should be duly signed & stamped.
  3. Company Documents Misplaced/ Missing: FIR  stating the proper lost documents with company name (not be more than 6 months old).

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  • release

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  • Format / Sample

As you already know public notices can only go in classified display and not text format. So let me guide you through as to how a public notice ad for Times Of India looks like.

  • Black and white(no background colour)
  • Language option(Hindi/English)
  • Designing facility available (releaseMyAd has their in house designer doing the work for you with no extra charge! All you have to do is give your ad matter)
  • No pictures allowed
Times Public Notice Ad

 Here is a sample to make you understand the format more easily.

  • Composing Tips
  • The notice should start with “A Notice is hereby given”
  • “Public Notice” should be written at the top of the ad
  • The announcement should be clear, detailed and precise
  • Place & date preferably should be mentioned at the end of the notice
  • Make sure the company/society name should be mention in whose favour the notice is being given
  • Ad matter should match entirely as the related document provided
  • Address and contact details are preferred to be mentioned in the ad matter
  • Ad Booking Steps
  • Contact Details:

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