Looking to place an Obituary Ad in Deccan Herald?

“It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.”

One of the biggest challenges that a person has to go through is coping with the loss of a loved one. It is a hard time for all of us, isn’t it?

In such hard times what stays with us are the memories, these memories give us the power and strength that is needed in difficult times.

You must express your love, respect and condolences for your loved ones and releaseMyAd can help you get through this difficult time.

Placing a Deccan Herald obituary advertisement can help you inform your friends, family and other acquaintances about the sad demise of your loved one.

Obituary ads are given in a display classified format, you can put the picture and text in pre-designed templates on our website for obituary ads in Deccan Herald or provide us with the designed template. You can also mention any specific details that you would want.

You can get your ad booked in 3 simple steps through an online process.

Step 1: Click on the link https://deccanherald.releasemyad.com/rates/obituary ,select the city edition and provide your details.

Step 2: Put the picture and text in a sample template or share your pre-designed template, select the size of the ad.

Step 3: Select the date and make payments. Upload the document for confirmation.

Since releaseMyAd knows how sudden and uncalled for a demise can be, your ad will be processed for the next day itself if the confirmation has been made by 6-7 p.m, even the day before. Please call our experts for this at +91 9830629298.

Ad formats to choose from/Composing tips/samples:

Single Column:

These are relatively low priced ads and are charged on the basis of per sq cm. Your total cost would be depending on the area. Colum size is fixed and height is adjusted as per your choice.


These ads are a bit expensive and the width and height can be adjusted as per your choice. Your total cost would depend on the area of the ad, depending on both height and width.

Tips to remember:

  • Mention the correct name, as in Death Certificate
  • Mention the correct Birth Date and Date of Passing.
  • You can put up a poem or a quote that reminds you of your beloved.
  • You can also share some of the achievements or Positions of honor if any hold by the deceased.
  • You can mention  Memorial or Funeral information.

Documents required:

Documents like Death Certificate of the deceased or a Doctors Note or a Cremation Slip.

releaseMyAd has been providing quality services to its customers for over a decade now. We know it is a tough time losing our beloved ones but releaseMyAd can help you preserve the memories.Please feel free to reach out for any questions that come in your mind, call us at +91 9830629298