Here’s why a Mid Day Ad is what you need to reach your audience in Mumbai!

Mumbai. India’s city of dreams. It is the financial capital of India and home to Bollywood. The city that never sleeps. Mumbai is a hive of activity and a city full of opportunities.

Ever since its foundation in the year 1979 by Khalid Ansari, when it was founded as a family newspaper, Mid Day has become an indispensable part of the city’s cosmopolitan culture. Back in the day, Mid Day had a morning and a noon edition. This continued till 2009 when the newspaper switched to a morning only edition, discarding the noon edition altogether. In the year 2014, the newspaper underwent an overhaul in both its print and online editions. Today, Mid Day is a compact newspaper that has become one of the most recognisable news brands in Mumbai, and is widely regarded to be the quintessential Mumbai newspaper.

The newspaper is owned and published by Jagran Prakashan Ltd., which is one of India’s largest and leading media and communications organisations. Mid Day has grown to become one of the most popular newspapers in the city and is hugely popular among young and educated Mumbaikars who keep themselves updated with the latest ongoings in not just their city but across India and the world at large.

Regardless of its size as a tabloid, Mid Day is a newspaper that enjoys the same status as its broadsheet counterparts owing to its comprehensive coverage of the latest news as well as its extensive selection of content spanning a wide variety of categories. In addition to the latest news from Mumbai, India and the world, the newspaper delivers the latest stories in sports, entertainment, Bollywood, web series, lifestyle, culture, horoscopes, science and technology, fashion, health and fitness, opinion pages as well as a Mumbai city guide detailing ongoing events in the city, and more.

Given the richness of content in its pages, it is sufficient to say that Mid Day is a newspaper that knows Mumbai inside out. That being said, ads in Mid Day newspaper are highly effective in reaching out to one’s target audience.

Ads in Mid Day Newspaper

Classified ads have long been a staple in newspapers because of their effectiveness in helping people connect with each other for personal as well as their business transactions. Booking classified ads is not only economical but also simple and quick. These ads are listed according to their ad category (hence ‘classified’) making it easy for people to look for what they want as well as reach out to others.

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Advertising in Mid-Day Newspaper has now become very easy!

With a wide range of categories to choose from, publishing an ad in all formats keeping the budget in mind Mid-day is a very good choice for a newspaper advertisement. Other than this advertising in Mid-day newspaper is easy & releaseMyAd makes it easier.

Why advertise in Mid-day  Newspaper?

Offering a variety of categories to choose from. For example, if you are looking to give a property ad but you want to choose a specific location more relevant to your property location with Mid-Day you can easily do that as they offer you a subheading stating the property location under the main property category. And with the help of our site releaseMyAd, you can easily do it with nominal and many discounted rates to choose from.

Midday is a rare newspaper which offers you to publish an ad in not only one but 3 different languages. English, Gujarati and Urdu languages in Mumbai.

Location Covered

Midday mostly covers the Mumbai region providing 3 different languages to advertise in.  It is a popular read among the youth for its trendy format and appeal.

Mid Day Newspaper Ads

How To Book An Ad Mid-day Newspaper?

  • Select your ad type(classified or display)
  • Select your category(recruitment,property,matrimonial etc)
  • Select your discounted packages suiting your budget.
  • Compose your ad matter taking help from sample ads given just beside the compose area.
  • Select a subcategory which is more specific with your ad, you can also choose special enhancements like colour, tick etc.
  • Select dates for publishing and make payment online through NEFT or debit card.
  • And Walla! Leave the rest to releaseMyAd executives to handle.

Different Ad Formats:

  • Classified Text Ad: Ads consisting only of text no pictures but in Mid-day, you can use enhancements like colour to make it more appealing. These ads are the most affordable. 
  • Classified Display: Smaller than a display but better than a test ad. These ads consist of text with pictures.
  • Display Ad: The best visually appealing format of an ad in a newspaper. If you are not on a budget this is the format for the most attraction from the consumer.

Ad Booking Steps:

   Booking an Ads in Mid-day using releaseMyAd is easy!

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