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Maharashtra Times is a Marathi language daily newspaper that was founded in the year 1962. The newspaper is one of India’s leading regional language news publications and it is owned and published by the highly reputed Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd., a publishing house which is more popularly known as The Times Group. 

Maharashtra Times is one of the most popular newspapers for Marathi speaking readers. Over the years since its foundation, the newspaper has earned a great deal of respect and renown for itself as a premier news daily. Maharashtra Times is colloquially referred to as ‘Ma Taa’, which is derived from its initialism in the Marathi language, and it is the preferred choice for a large number of readers in the region. 

The newspaper is based in Mumbai and, as of today, is the largest selling Marathi language daily newspaper in the country. The newspaper is also the only news publication in the city of Mumbai to have more than a million readers in the city other than The Times of India. According to the Indian Readership Survey in 2005, the readership figures of Maharashtra Times revealed it to be the second most widely read newspaper in the city of Mumbai.

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On any given day, it is estimated that Maharashtra Times has more than one million copies of the newspaper in circulation. There is no doubt that Maharashtra Times is a firm favourite among the Marathi speaking readers in not just Mumbai but also across the region. The newspaper provides readers with the latest news from the region, the rest of India and around the world, and also delivers stories and information from a variety of categories as well. These categories include lifestyle, sports, astrology, technology, entertainment and several others. 

One can therefore say that Maharashtra Times is a newspaper that caters to every taste and every preference. This makes it an excellent channel for advertisers as well. Booking a Maharashtra Times advertisement online helps advertisers of all sizes reach out to their respective audiences through the pages of this prestigious newspaper. 

In India, newspapers are much more than just sheets of paper with newsprint on them. They are so much more. Newspapers occupy a special place in the cultural life of Indians, and this makes newspaper advertising a great way to reach out to a large number of people.

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