History of Rajasthan Patrika

Mr. Karpoor Chandra Kulish founded the Patrika in 1956. It is a Hindi language daily newspaper published as Rajasthan Patrika in Delhi and Rajasthan, and as Patrika in 9 other states. It is called the “newspaper with a soul” and as per Indian Readership Survey 2013, Rajasthan Patrika emerged as the fourth most-read Hindi language newspaper in India, and Patrika emerged sixth. It has an estimated 31.42 million readers across India and is one of the top three most trusted newspapers in the country.

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Patrika was founded by Mr. Kulish, a journalist himself, with a loan of Rs.500 from a friend as he wanted to newspaper without political and corporate affiliations. With an enthusiasm towards the Hindi language, Mr Kulish won many awards and felicitation for his contribution towards Indian language newspaper. He retired in 1986 with a reputation of not taking any political side and a publishing a newspaper which was a credible source of information.

Today, headquartered in Kesargarh Fort in Jaipur, it is headed by the founder’s grandsons Nihar and Siddharth Kothari while Gulab Kothari is the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper. Patrika has presence across 38 cities in 9 states with 250 editions. It largely covers the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. It is the only Hindi language newspaper which effectively covers southern parts of India.

Rajasthan Partika is one of India’s community newspapers and its popularity rose because of the credibility of its news and ability of local reporting and coverage. Rajasthan Patrika, in its entire history of journalism, has never fallen in the trap of unethical journalism and thus it is loved by people and is respected. Journalists of Rajasthan Patrika has a reputation of using India’s Right to Information Act to petition for access to government documents and build news stories from the resulting information.  The success of Patrika lies in its multiple local editions. It even has an edition in Bastar region of Chhattisgarh which is a tribal-dominated area infested by Maoists. No national newspaper or journalist is able to penetrate this region. With 12 printing centres in Rajasthan and 33 in total all over India, Patrika has become the voice of the people.

Maintaining so many local editions all across India even in the rural areas is quite expensive with very few advertisements, therefore, to cope up with this Rajasthan Patrika has introduced low-cost printing press with low-quality paper for its rural editions so as to go even. Since the success of the newspaper the parent company, Patrika Group has forayed into various other businesses including digital, radio, television, events, etc. With the onset of the internet age, it has started patrika.com which by date has 186.7 million Page Views engaging more than 37 million Unique Visitors from across the world.

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Upholding the values of ethics, morality, right and freedom, Rajasthan Patrika has succeeded in being one of the topmost Hindi language newspapers in India. Because of this, it has a high readership and circulation even to the remotest regions of the country and thus Rajasthan Patrika has become a favourite destination of advertisers who want to promote and market their products and services. Cognizant with the fact that district and rural advertisers are unable to do high budget campaigns, Rajasthan Patrika has ensured low advertisement cost in their newspapers so as to help small scale businesses grow. May it be a simple classified ad or a display ad, Rajasthan Patrika is a comparatively cheaper option for individuals and businesses.

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