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Mirror is the name given to newspapers that are published in the cities of Mumbai and Bangalore, respectively, as Mumbai Mirror and Bangalore Mirror. Both these publications are published by Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd., which is more popularly known as The Times Group. 

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Both Mumbai Mirror and Bangalore Mirror are immensely renowned and widely read English language newspapers in their respective cities. Let’s take a closer look at both of them.

Mumbai Mirror was launched in Mumbai in the year 2005 and, till December 2020, was published as a daily English language newspaper. Today, Mumbai Mirror is published as a weekly newspaper and still remains an icon of English language journalism in the city of Mumbai. Mumbai Mirror is estimated to have had a daily circulation of more than 7,00,000 copies on an average day.

Bangalore Mirror was originally founded as Vijay Times in the year 2002 by Vijayananda Printers. Vijay Times, along with its sister publications, were taken over by the Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. in the year 2006, whereupon the newspaper was rebranded as Bangalore Mirror and relaunched in the year 2007. Today, Bangalore Mirror is the second-most widely circulated English language newspaper in the city of Bangalore.

Mumbai Mirror is a tabloid newspaper while Bangalore Mirror is a compact newspaper. But, regardless of their format and size, both these newspapers are highly regarded for their standards of journalism and the quality of news content they deliver. They provide readers with the latest news stories from the city, the rest of India and from around the world, as well as a wide selection of content from a diverse range of categories, such as city specific content, sports, entertainment, business as well as opinion pages. 

Needless to say, newspapers with such an assortment of content that caters to varied tastes, makes them newspapers that are truly for everyone. This is why both Mumbai Mirror and Bangalore Mirror are excellent choices for advertisers both large and small. That being said, publishing a Mirror classified could get you the coverage you are looking for in your respective city. 

Classified ads have been a mainstay of newspapers for a long time, and their ease of booking as well as their cost-effectiveness make them hugely popular among both individual advertisers as well as business owners. 

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