Why place an Obituary ad in Sakshi Newspaper?

When people lose a person whom they valued or loved, it really becomes difficult for them to try to absorb such an enormous shock. But life is all about going ahead beyond the pain. It seems like the world has vanished with the person you lost. With all these emotions and memories flying around it becomes a priority of many to publish an Obituary ad about their loved one in the newspaper. 

But this is the time when with a shaken upset mind people start to play the what-if game in their mind. Don’t let it start, don’t let it misguide you towards wrong decisions, don’t let it consume you. If you want the ad to be published in a Telugu Language newspaper, book Sakshi obituary ads through releaseMyAd to not regret later.

Sakshi will help you to make your message of love about your loved one’s reach a greater mass with it’s amazing circulation of over 1.09 Million. And releaseMyAd will help you to book the ad in the easiest way possible by letting you feel comfortable from the space of your home. 

Obituary Ads in Sakshi newspaper

To book the Sakshi Obituary ad you will be needed to provide some documents to the publishing house. They are:

  • The Death Certificate of the deceased or a Doctors Note.
  • Cremation Slip or Burial Certificate.

Obituary ads are generally classified display ads. You can design the creative with the picture and text in pre-designed templates on our website for Sakshi Obituary Ads or provide us the designed template. You can also mention any specific details that you would want. In case you need any help regarding the design we can get the design done for you. In that case, email us the details at book@releasemyad.com or call us at 9830629298, to get any assistance from our end.

If you are planning to design the ad by yourself, ensure that:

  • The name mention is correct, as in Death Certificate
  • The date of birth and date of the demise matches the supporting documents.

You can also mention some of his or her achievements or some good words of love about that person. Memorial or Funeral information and post-event (for e.g. Memorial service venue, date and time) information can also be mentioned.

releaseMyAd’s ad booking process is easy and hassle-free that can be done in a few simple steps :

  1. Click https://sakshi.releasemyad.com/rates/obituary
  2. Click on your city edition or opt for the discounted packages of your choice.
  3. After reaching Step 1, proceed to compose or upload your ad.
  4. Now select whether you want to compose the ad or you want to upload the design of the ad in case you already have it. Incase of composing an ad, you will be provided with templates to choose from. You can choose one, choose your preferred size and start typing your matter directly.
  5. Select dates, upload your required documents, create your account or log in if you have one already and make payments to get instant confirmation of your ad booking.

If you are still having any queries, our well-experienced executives are there to help you. Reach out to them by calling releaseMyAd at 9830629298, or you can also live chat with us.