Booking advertisements? Look no further than The Times of India

India still believes in the power of advertising to disseminate information across the country. Be it a brand, company, or individual- advertising has been the ideal propaganda tool for all. Advertising with traditional media channels like newspapers and billboards continue to dominate the advertising industry for their wider reach and visibility despite digitization taking over. They are undoubtedly a good source of letting out information to the right audience. 

Times of India has been the go-to choice for advertising. Having published its first edition on the 3rd of November 1838, it soon took the staircase to becoming one of the most popular papers in the country. It didn’t take much long for Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India to tag The Times of India as the leading paper in Asia and  BBC to rank the Times of India as one of the world’s six best newspapers, soon after. With such accolades, it imprinted an elitist impression in the minds of its readers.

Times of India Advertisement

What makes The Times of India one of the finest newspapers is its unprecedented content which is unsurpassed in quality. It’s unibased news pieces on primary content including politics, sports, international and economic news is just what the country demands. The newspaper also does not restrict its content boundaries and extends news to the arena of entertainment, lifestyle, op-eds and more. With such prominent features, why wouldn’t anyone want to publish ads with the Times of India newspaper. 

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Book Matrimonial Ads in Punjab Kesari at the Lowest Rates via releaseMyAd

Matrimonial ad is published in Punjab Kesari with a specific aim to find a feasible and suitable partner with the prospect of getting married. Punjab Kesari. Punjab Kesari is a regional newspaper of Punjab  with approximately 1.8 Crore + readership in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi in India. There are basically two kinds of matrimonial ads – Wanted Grooms, on the basis of the eventual perspective, the bride’s family advertise in the newspaper. While the other kind is Wanted Brides, based on the perspective, the family of the groom advertises in the newspaper. These marriage ads are further categorized based on caste preferences, language preferences, profession and other characteristics. These specifications help receiving the most relevant and apt responses by the advertisers.

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Punjab Kesari Matrimonial Classifieds

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Turn to The Times of India for Your Classified Advertisements

Launched on 3rd November 1838, the Times of India is the third-largest English language newspaper owned by Bennett & Coleman. It is one of the most popular newspapers and is widely recognized across the country. Holding the baton of good content, quality news and unprejudiced write-ups, The Times of India is well-accepted, nationwide. 

Distributed across 500 cities in India, it is the second-largest selling English language newspaper in our country. Back in the 20th century, Lord Curzon had tagged The Times of India as the ‘leading paper in Asia’ and even today, it continues to remain the most well-known newspaper brand. It does not limit its content boundaries thereby catering to all age-groups. From lifestyle, entertainment, politics, sports, international, edutainment and more, it sure caters to the distinctive news requirements of its readers. 

Given its performance and stature, Times of India sure has an upper hand when compared to other newspapers. It’s the perfect choice for your classified bookings as it will effectively deliver results with its enhanced visibility, coverage and amassed readership.  With Times Of India classified ads, you will be able to reach out to a larger age group, its loyal readership and a greater segment of the country. It’s all embracive reportage and non-negotiable quality has surely left its mark on its readers’ minds. 

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Looking for a Punjabi Groom? Why not book a newspaper matrimonial Ad?

It is well known that Punjabi marriages are a class apart. Punjabi weddings are a strong reflection of the culture of Punjab. Known for their fanfare, festivities and fabulous food, Punjabi weddings are nothing short of a carnival. And Punjabi grooms embody the true spirit of Punjab. They are lively, straightforward, open-minded, large-hearted people who believe in working hard and partying harder. Punjabi grooms are attractive people known for being passionate and expressive. 

In India, where marriage is viewed as a sacred and lifelong bond between two individuals, plays a major role in cultural life. Arranged marriages are the norm, where the bride, generally in consultation with her family, selects the most suitable prospective groom. Selection of the right partner is so crucial because it is believed that a marriage is not just the coming together of bride and groom, but a union of two families as well.

Punjabi matrimonial Ad

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Looking for the Most suitable Partner? Release a Matrimonial Ad in The Times Of India

Marriages in India are the most elaborate, joyous and tiresome affairs. Sometimes a perfect phenomenon or otherwise a fiasco, weddings are an adventure of sorts. But it’s all worth it when individuals get hitched to the right person. India has a 70-50 ratio of arranged and love marriages proving that arranged marriages are still the preferred choice. So it all starts with the pursuit of a suitable bride or groom. 

Times Of India Matrimonial Ad

Letting out biodatas, secretly whispering to relatives and letting out advertisements is how the lookout for the better half begins. These days, online matrimonial sites are the preferred medium to find a suitor. Liberal families and broad minded societies are decisive and enthusiastic enough to let out information via this channel. However the traditional mode of matchmaking has been newspaper matrimonial advertisement. 

Newspaper matrimonials have been the first choice for the predominant section of the society as it has a better reach. It aims at the newspaper reading population- largely the elderly section who are not so adept with the internet but play a crucial role in deciding on the bride/groom. Secondly, the rural population mostly gather information through newspapers as they either do not own phones or don’t have a strong internet connection to consume information through the digital channel. Newspaper advertisements can easily be accessed by all. 

Wanted Bride/ Groom Ad

Are you looking for the most ideal newspaper to trust your matrimonial advertisements with? The Times of India matrimonial ad is what you should be relying on. A massive readership, an unparalleled repute and the strongest newsbase is what makes The Times of India such a strong and prevailing choice. It covers a diverse variety of news including politics, international, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, health, technology, education along with editorial and opinion pages. 

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