Get Noticed Across Mumbai With The Help of Mid-Day Classifieds

Mid Day was founded in 1979 in Mumbai by Khalid Ansari as a family newspaper. Back then, the newspaper had a morning and a noon edition and this continued until 2009 when the noon edition was discontinued. Today, Mid Day is a compact morning newspaper that has grown to become the voice of Mumbai. The newspaper underwent an overhaul in 2014 in both its print and online editions.

Mid Day newspaper is a part of Jagran Prakashan Ltd., which is one of India’s largest and leading media and communications companies, and, with the help of its leadership and expertise, has grown to become the quintessential Mumbai newspaper. Mid Day is hugely popular among the next generation Mumbaikars who get to know their city better through its pages.

Though it may be small in size compared to other daily newspapers in the city, Mid Day does indeed pack its pages with highly engrossing content ranging from local news from around the city of Mumbai, news from the rest of India, entertainment, sports, Bollywood, web series, lifestyle as well as a guide to the upcoming events around Mumbai as well as things to see and do in the city. The newspaper also contains a leisure section comprising comic strips and crosswords. And a Mid Day newspaper ad is found in many of those pages!

Mid Day is a newspaper that knows Mumbai inside out, and is therefore a fantastic choice for booking your classified ads targeting the city’s wide and engaged readership. Classified ads are very easy to book. This is because all one needs to do is compose a short copy of the advertisement such that it contains all the relevant information as well as the contact details of the advertiser.

Mid Day Classified

These ads are called ‘classified ads’ because they are classified on the basis of ad category, such as education, public notice, matrimonial, vehicles, services, situation wanted etc. Classified ads provide a host of benefits to people who want to reach out to a wide audience in a particular city, and booking them in a newspaper is an effective way to get noticed by them.

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