Find the best people to join your workplace with a Times Ascent advertisement!

Times Ascent is a weekly supplement published by The Times of India. Available every Wednesday, Times Ascent is focused on careers, employment, job opportunities, professional tips and advice as well as human resource development. 

Just like its parent newspaper, The Times of India, Times Ascent is a sub-brand of Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd., which is one of India’s most well known media groups. Times Ascent has its headquarters in Mumbai, and it is highly sought after for its valuable content by job seekers, human resource managers, corporate professionals and recruitment agencies. For this reason, a sizable number of people book a Times Ascent advertisement.

In each edition of Times Ascent every week, the supplement highlights the latest and emerging trends in the professional world, the latest technologies and trends in various fields of work, corporate culture, work-life balance, issues important to both employees and employers, and much more. 

Display Ads in Times Ascent

In order to keep all its readers up to date on all the latest news and trending topics, Times Ascent has 10 editions, duly published from 10 locations across India. These locations are in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi and Nagpur. 

For people seeking employment as well as for those offering it, a recruitment ad in Times Ascent is a great way to connect. The Times of India is one of the most widely read newspapers in India, and one of the foremost names when it comes to English language news in the country. It is a newspaper that commands a large, loyal and engaged reader following. This naturally implies that its weekly supplement on careers is read by a significant portion of its readership. 

There is no surprise that Times Ascent is widely read by people of diverse backgrounds, interests and professions, which makes the supplement the ideal channel for placing recruitment ads. Recruitment ads in Times Ascent will be helpful in helping job seekers find work that matches their qualifications and interests, as well as to help employers find the most suitable candidate for the job vacancies they may be having. 

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