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Hind Samachar is an Urdu language newspaper that was launched by the Punjab Kesari Group in the year 1948, just a year after India became an independent country. It is one of the leading news publications in the Urdu language, and is preferred by a large number of people who want to keep themselves updated with all the latest news in the Urdu language. 

The name of the newspaper – Hind Samachar – translates to ‘India News’, and it is the favoured choice across a large number of households in the region, making a Hind Samachar advertisement a worthwhile choice for reaching out to a wider audience. 

The newspaper is one of the three news publications that the Punjab Kesari Group publishes, and is widely popular among its reader base. The three publications of the Punjab Kesari Group have a total circulation of 9,75,000 copies of their newspapers on weekdays, and 1.05 million copies of their newspapers on weekends. 

Ads in Hind Samachar Newspaper

Hind Samachar has its headquarters in Jalandhar. In addition to its Jalandhar edition, it publishes editions for Chandigarh and Jammu. Every edition of the newspaper brings all the latest news stories to the people, who regard the newspaper as a dependable and trustworthy source of the news as well as a diverse range of other information, stories, articles and content from numerous topics of interest. These topics include business, sports, health, fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, devotional, astrology, festivals and many more.

In view of the diverse selection of content offered by Hind Samachar, one can safely say that the newspaper offers something for everyone. India is a country where newspapers hold a very important place in the social and cultural lives of the people. Newspapers are regarded not just as sources of all the latest news stories, but of a host of other information as well. This makes newspapers trusted, and in turn newspaper advertisements are viewed more favourably. Unlike advertisements on mobile apps or websites, which people are willing to pay money to avoid, advertisements in newspapers are part of the total reading experience, and this makes newspapers a highly effective advertising channel.

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