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Founded during the peak of India’s struggle for independence, Mathrubhumi is one of the leading regional language daily newspapers in the country. It is one of the most popularly read Malayalam language newspapers and is read by a large number of people. Mathrubhumi was founded by K. P. Kesava Menon, who himself was actively involved in India’s freedom struggle, in the year 1923. The name of the newspaper – ‘Mathrubhumi’ – translates to ‘Motherland’ in the Malayalam language, and the newspaper itself is an icon of Malayalam language journalism in India.

The newspaper has its headquarters in Kozhikode, and it is hugely popular among its readers across the region. Mathrubhumi is also popular among Malayalam speaking people across other parts of India too, and it is regarded as a reliable, authentic and comprehensive source of the latest news stories. 

It is estimated that on any given day, Mathrubhumi has more than 1.2 million copies of the newspaper in circulation, catering to a large, loyal and engaged reader base. The newspaper is popular not just in Kerala or even among the Malayali community across India, but also in the Middle East, where a significant population of Malayali speakers reside. In fact, a sizable portion of Mathrubhumi’s readership is from people residing in the Middle Eastern countries!

In order to cater to its large and diverse readership, Mathrubhumi is published from various locations in Kerala and beyond, and even outside of India. The newspaper has printing locations in Alappuzha, Kozhikode, Kochi, Kannur, Kottayam, Malappuram, Palakkad, Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram and Thrissur in Kerala, as well as in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai in the rest of India. Mathrubhumi also prints editions from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and from Doha in Qatar.

In each and every edition, Mathrubhumi brings to its readers much more than just the latest news from around the region, the rest of India and abroad. It also provides readers with enriching and captivating stories from numerous topics of interest. These topics include movies, sports, money, leisure, lifestyle, politics and several others. Additionally, the newspaper also contains columns, features and special pages that have opinion pieces and in-depth analyses.

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Mathrubhumi, which translates to ‘Motherland’ in the Malayalam language, is a regional language daily newspaper from the state of Kerala. The newspaper was founded by K. P. Kesava Menon, an active volunteer in India’s freedom struggle, in the year 1923. Over the decades, Mathrubhumi has grown to become the second most popularly read news daily in Kerala. Headquartered in Kozhikode, the newspaper caters to a vast readership across the region and the rest of India as well. Mathrubhumi also has a loyal readership in the Middle East region.

In addition to the main newspaper, Mathrubhumi also publishes an assortment of magazines and supplements, making it a media and news brand that offers something for everyone, keeping in mind the diverse tastes and preferences of its readers.

Mathrubhumi has more than 1.2 million copies of the newspaper in circulation on any given day. It is undoubtedly the preferred choice for a large number of readers in Kerala, but among the Malayalam speaking population across India and the Gulf countries. Mathrubhumi is published from Alappuzha, Kozhikode, Kochi, Kannur, Kottayam, Malappuram, Palakkad, Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram and Thrissur in Kerala, and in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi in the rest of India, and it even has editions published from Dubai and Doha in the Middle East.

Being the trusted source of local, regional, national and international news for millions of readers, Mathrubhumi offers a rich and varied selection of news content in its pages. Along with the latest news stories, the newspaper also has stories from several other topics, such as movies, sports, money, leisure, lifestyle, politics. It also has columns, features and special pages with opinion pieces and analyses. 

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Are you looking to place a Change of Name ad in Malayalam newspaper? Well, Mathrubhumi can be your best choice. Mathrubhumi is a Malayalam newspaper that is published from Kerala with a daily Circulation of around 1,486,810, making it the second most widely circulated newspaper.

Few reasons that require you to place a Mathrubhumi Name change ad are, you’ve recently changed your name, you’ve got married and the documents have to be edited accordingly, wrong spelling in any documents, change in religion and others.

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Few composition tips and as samples that will help you in the second step of your booking process.

Name Change Ad

Sample 1:  I, (Old Name) S/O (Father’s Name) born on (Date of Birth) residing at (Full Address), have changed my name to (New Name) vide affidavit dated (Affidavit date) at (Place)

Sample 2: I (your old name) S/O or D/O or W/O (fathers name or husbands name) R/O of (your   home address) shall henceforth be known as (your new name) affidavit no (XXXXXX) sworn before a notary (notary name) dated (date)

Documents required:

Name change ad booking requires Scan copy of the complete notarized affidavit required & it should not be more than 6 months old. (The ad matter should be as per the affidavit. Eg: Name, Father’s Name, Surname, Short and Full name etc. to avoid editorial rejection).

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Is is something important that you’ve lost? Maybe like a certificate or some document or any valuable identity card and you’ve been guided to place an ad in your local Malayalam newspaper. You’ve also been asked to show this newspaper cutting for fresh issue of the lost item? Well, you don’t have to even move an inch from your couch! We have got you covered.

Mathrubhumi is a Malayalam newspaper that is published from Kerala with a daily Circulation of around 1,486,810, making it the second most widely circulated newspaper.

Mathrubhumi lost and found advertisement can now be placed online through releaseMyAd by just following a simple ad booking process. These lost and found ads are a kind of announcement to the public, specifying the lost item’s details and asking the public to contact, in case they have found that item.
Documents required:

  • As Mathrubhumi lost found ads are a kind of legal formality so you do have to furnish the publication house with a First Information Report (FIR) or a General Diary with the local Police Station or an affidavit through a notary public.

For cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune you can register your lost complaint online by visiting the State Police department website.

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Lost Identify proof

LOST my (Lost Item/ Person) around (Location) on (Date/Time). If (Found/Seen) Please contact: 0000000000.

Land Deed missing

This is to bring to your kind notice that, (Name), s/o (Name) Address: (Address), our Land Deed is Missing (from/since) (Date). If found kindly return to the above address.

Lost Certificate

I (Name) have lost my Original Pass Certificate of HS year (Year) Roll no. ABC/12345 Matric Board. If Found Please Contact: 0000000000.

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Want to know how are Mathrubhumi Classified ads priced?

Ad booking for the classified page is the most widely used form of newspaper advertising. A classified ad Suits the needs of individuals, businesses as well as government. These ads can be put in English and Malayalam both. These ads appear on the classified page of the newspaper.

Wondering how much does it cost to put up an ad in Mathrubhumi Newspaper.

Factors affecting price:

  1. Location as in city edition.
  2. Category
  3. Type(text/display)

Categories available:

Various Categories available for booking are Matrimonial, Recruitment, Property, Services, business, Personal, Vehicle, Announcement, Tenders, Travels, Wedding Arrangement, Public Notice, Court Notice, Share Certificate, Change of Name, Lost and Found, Remembrance, Astrology, Obituary, Retailers, Computers and others.

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Mathrubhumi Newspaper Ad

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