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The second oldest newspaper circulated in Kerala, Malayala Manorama is a Malayalam weekly which boasts of a readership of over 20 million. Starting from Kozhikode, it spread on to cover mega cities Kerala, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. It even went overseas with readers rising in Dubai and Bahrain as well. It has had a phenomenal growth and is today one of the top 15 daily newspapers in the world.

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Malayala Manorama Classified Ads

 Malayala Manorama Newspaper ads can be published under any category viz. matrimonial, property, Recruitment, Business, lost and found, Change of Name etc.

There are two types of classified ad such as Classified Text Ad and Classified Display Ad. Classified Text Ad is the most cost-effective form of advertising in Malayala Manorama. The Ads appear in the classified section in the standard running text format. Calculated as per word count, Minimum word count of an ad matter is 10. Enhancements like language translation and underline lead to extra charges. Classified Display Ad is more visually appealing than classified text ads. Here one can add customized font, logo or image to make the ad visually more effective for the target readers. These ads are charged on the basis of per sqcm.

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  • Step 1. is selecting the category and edition/package,
  • Step 2. Compose the ad matter and
  • Step 3 Select the release date and Make last payment.

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Why Advertising in Malayala Manorama Newspaper is effective & easy!

Here are a few reasons why Malayala Manorama is an ideal platform for your classified advertisement:  The newspaper is printed in Malayalam. It hence is the preferred choice to target the language-sensitive population and appealing to larger numbers. Malayala Manorama is one of the leading Malayalam daily newspapers in the state of Kerala, India.   It is the second oldest newspaper in the South and has a circulation of over 2.1 million copies. Being the third largest circulating newspapers in India, it has gathered a readership of more than 20 million over the years.

Malayala Manorama Newspaper Advertisement

Malayala Manorama has established itself as the most prominent medium to target the Malayalam speaking population of Kerala. This newspaper has few popular supplements that are dedicated for booking the ads of specific categories and each of them has a particular set of target readers. So if you want to place a recruitment ad in Malayala Manorama, you can advertise in Avasarangal as this supplement is popular among the job seekers and it is published on Wednesday every week.

In Malayala Manorama, people get various advertising options like classified text, classified display and Displays.

Classified Text ads appear at the classified section in standard running text format, charged per word basis.

Classified Display Ad is more visually appealing, where one can add customized font, colour, logo or image, charged on the basis of per sqcm.

Display advertisements are the most extravagant form of newspaper advertising. They can be published on any page and can occupy any amount of space in a specific newspaper page. This is a bit costly in comparison with the other two types of ad format. In Manorama, advertisers can book ads in newspapers under various categories which include matrimony, recruitment, property, business, services, public notices, obituary and so on.

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  • Step 1, is selecting the category and edition/package,
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Steps You Can Follow While Booking Lost And Found Ad In Malayala Manorama Newspaper !

If any of your important documents are lost or distorted then it is necessary to publish a Lost and Found advertisement to make people aware that a particular document is lost and if someone can find that, the finder should immediately return to the concerned person.

Malayala Manorama is the preferred choice to target the language-sensitive population and appeal to larger numbers. So if you have chosen Manorama to publish a lost and found advertisement then releaseMyAd is the most hassle-free and easy solution for that. releaseMyAd is an authorized online partner of Malayala Manorama.

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To book a Lost and Found advertisement one must require an FIR or notarized affidavit. FIR can be generated online or by visiting a police station and an affidavit can be prepared by consulting any Notary person. Steps of composing Lost and Found advertisement are-

  • Choosing the category and edition,
  • Composing  the ad matter,      
  • Selecting the publishing date,
  • Uploading the document (i.e; FIR or notarized affidavit),
  • ·And lastly payment.

Some effective tips for composing Manorama Lost and Found advertisements are, mentioning the place, day, date and time where the document or object is lost and mentioning the contact address for the delivery.

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