A Hindustan Times Matrimonial Can Help You Find Your Special Someone

There are so many English language newspapers in India. So why should you book a Hindustan Times matrimonial? What makes Hindustan Times stand out? Let us tell you!

Hindustan Times was founded in the year 1924. The newspaper’s origins go back to the Indian Independence Movement. Hindustan Times has grown to become one of India’s most prestigious newspapers publishing the latest news and ongoing events in English. It is owned and published by HT Media Ltd., one of India’s largest media companies. The company also publishes the Hindi language daily newspaper Hindustan Dainik and the English language business newspaper Mint. 

Hindustan Times has an estimated daily circulation of over 1.4 million copies and caters to a readership exceeding 37 million people. The newspaper has an extensive countrywide reach and is hailed as the No. 1 English language daily newspaper in the metro cities of Delhi and Mumbai. According to the Indian Readership Survey in 2014, Hindustan Times was the second-most widely read English language newspaper in India, after The Times of India. 

Hindustan Times, being the flagship publication of HT Media Ltd., is one of the most popular newspapers for English speakers in India. It has become a highly respected newspaper and is renowned for its excellent reporting and insightful coverage of national and international news as well as a host of other topics including sports, entertainment, lifestyle, health, technology, automobiles, education as well as dedicated editorial and opinion pages. 

Widely regarded as a newspaper for the well-informed, Hindustan Times offers a wide assortment of content spanning a variety of categories, and can therefore be said to be a news publication that offers something for every taste.

Hindustan Times Matrimonial Ad

Arranged marriages are still the norm today, even among English-speaking urban families in India. Marriages are very important events in Indian culture and a great deal of planning goes into making a wedding a memorable event for the marrying couple. A marriage is important not just for the couple but also for their respective families as the event signifies a union of the two families as well. A Hindustan Times matrimonial advertisement is just what you need to make your search for the perfect bride or groom an easy and hassle free experience. 

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A Hindustan Times Classified Ad is the Sensible Choice For You!

Founded in 1924, Hindustan Times traces its origins to the Indian Independence Movement. Hindustan Times has, over the decades, grown to become one of India’s most prestigious English language newspapers. It is owned and published by HT Media Ltd., one of India’s largest media companies. 

Hindustan Times has an extensive countrywide reach and the average daily circulation of the newspaper is estimated to be around 1.4 million copies. It caters to an approximate total readership exceeding 37 million people. Hindustan Times is said to be the No. 1 daily English language newspaper in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai.

A newspaper of high repute, Hindustan Times provides wide, comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the latest news from across the country and around the world. The content in the pages of Hindustan Times span a very wide variety of categories including national and international news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, health, technology, automobiles, education as well as editorial and opinion pages. Hindustan Times has been widely hailed for its high calibre and balanced journalism and its comprehensive and insightful analyses on a wide range of topics. It is truly a newspaper that has something for everyone.

Such a newspaper, therefore, is an excellent choice for booking classified ads. Classified ads are very easy to book as composing a short copy of the advertisement is all one needs to do. This ad copy should contain all the relevant information as well as the advertiser’s contact details. Classified ads provide a host of benefits to those people who want to reach out to a large number of people in a particular city or region. Classified ads are called so because the advertisements are ‘classified’ on the basis of ad category, such as property, matrimonial, vehicles, retail, public notice, education etc. 

HT Classified

If you are looking to book classified ads, Hindustan Times is an excellent choice for your advertising needs as it has an all-India readership, allowing you to book in any city edition of your choice. Book your Hindustan Times classified ads through releaseMyAd and harness the extensive readership that Hindustan Times has so that you can get noticed by your target audience.

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Book Your Ad instantly in HT Cafe Pullout at the Best Price!

Who doesn’t like to read about fashion, food, and lifestyle? HT Café is one of a kind pullout which allows you to do just that.

It is highly popular among the youth for its fresh and trendy appeal. And as we all know India is a young country with almost 60% of our population being below 30 yrs of age. Just imagine how much buzz you can create just by advertising in such an edition which is so popular among the youth.

Now you might be wondering When it is published & what type of ads it covers?

HT Cafe Display Advertisement

Surprisingly enough this popular pullout is published every day! Except for appointments and obituaries, all sorts of ads can be easily published in HT Café. Be it personal, property & even business-related ads.

HT café covers several locations starting from the happening metropolitans such as Delhi, Mumbai to cozy small towns such as Haryana and Lucknow. You just have to choose.

Page Sizes & Pricing

It is important to know that starting from a minimum size – 8 cm width x 5 cm height to quarter page – 16 cm x 25 cm; a half-page – 33 cm x 25 cm to full page size – 33 cm wide all is possible with releaseMyAd and HT Café.

Pricing differs from edition to edition and can be further negotiated with our helpful executives who always offer you the best of the best in the market.

Other than this booking an ad in Ht café rather than opting for a regular newspaper ad allows you to get that extra attention it deserves from the readers. Being a classy pullout in itself is bound to give you genuine response every single time you book an ad in it.

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But all good things have 1 flaw, the deadline for HT café is 2 days Prior to the release, make sure to book fast as it’s a really popular section for advertisers!And lastly, having any doubt or query? Mail us at book@releasemyad.com, or call us on 09830629298.

Now Place your ad in HT City pullout at the cheapest rates!

HT city pullout is mostly popular among the indian youth & who want to stay updated with the latest fashion, food, entertainment etc.

And if you love reading page 3 where you find updates about big parties, events, celebrity gossip of your favourite celebrities of Bollywood, Hollywood then Ht city pullout is the right place to find all these things. 

HT City Advertisement

It always contains fresh and exciting content & the entertainment supplement that attracts many readers due to this it has a high readership and circulation in all the major cities of India.

Because of its creativity, Big & small companies publish display ads, covering all of the Business, Travel and FMCG sector.

It covers various locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Chandigarh & many others all around India.

releaseMyAd has made the ad booking process really easy it takes less than 10 mins to book an ad through our website, all you have to do is visit https://hindustantimes.releasemyad.com/display-ad/ht-city & follow the instruction given there.

Focus day & deadline 

Well for HT city pullout,  there is no specific focus day you can easily book it any day. All you have to do is place your ad 2 days prior to your date of booking.

Minimum ad size & Maximum ad size

And if we talk about ad size to book a display ad in HT City pullout.

  1. The minimum ad size 8 cm width x 5 cm height.
  2.  The maximum ad size is – 33 cm width x 52 height.

Designing Ad Creative 

At releaseMyAd.com we have our own expert designing team who are always there to help & guide you with your ad designing of your choice at free of cost. All you get to do is provide us the proper ad matter along with the logo & rest leave to us.

Page Preferences & Different Page Sizes.

You either place it on the third page, back page, front page or any page. All depends on your choice & budget.

After knowing the page preferences let’s talk about Different Page Sizes For Ht City pullout.

  • Full page size: 33 cm width x 52 cm height
  • Half Page: 33  cm x 25 cm 
  • Quarter Page: 16 cm x 25 cm


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How to Do Classified Ad Booking in Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times Classified ad

Hindustan Times is the 2nd most popular English daily in the country and if your next advertising destination is in South India then look no further! Hindustan Times is the right choice.

Classifieds section covers most of the total advertisement given in a newspaper and is also the most cost-effective form of advertisement.

Different Categories

Hindustan Times  classified offers a wide range of categories to choose from, such as:

  • Matrimonial(wanted bride or wanted groom)
  • Services
  • Obituary
  • Remembrance
  • Computers
  • Retail
  • Astrology Personal (Change of name, Lost and found, etc)
  • Property(for sale, accommodation wanted)
  • Let/rent
  • Business(for sale, offer/proposal,etc)
  • Vehicles
  • Classified tenders(public notice,tenders,etc)
  • Recruitment(situation vacant, situation wanted,etc)
  • Travel
  • Education

Classified Ad Types

  • Classified Text: Ads consisting only of text no pictures. These ads are the most affordable. Hindustan Times classified text ad cost for 5 lines.
  • Classified Display: Smaller than a display but better than a test ad. These ad consist of text with pictures.

   Ad Booking Steps

Booking Classified Ads in Hindustan Times Newspaper using releaseMyAd is easy!

  1. Select Ad Type, Category & Location: Visit The Hindustan Times Classified Page and select Classified Text or Classified Display Ad as per your requirement. Choose preferred editions to view rates. Select a single edition or package based on your budget.
  2. Compose your ad: Compose your Hindustan Times classified along with the live preview.
  3. Select Date & Make Payment: Select the release date(s) and after that preview the booking details. Once finalized, proceed to make payment by any online/offline modes to confirm your booking. On successful payment, you receive an auto-generated invoice from the system confirming your Classified Ad booking.

Contact Details:

Let’s discuss more media advertising! Mail us at book@releasemyad.com, or call us on 09830629298.