Advertising in Deccan Herald classified section is effective & easy!

Outdoor advertising, invented by the Egyptians in the form of Public Notice carving in 2000 BC.  The further transition took place to Public Poster ads dated back to the 15th century, appeared on the walls of England. The original newspaper ad was published in 1704 in the Boston News-Letter. In 1995, the internet disruption of classified ads started. Classified advertising is called such because it is generally grouped under headings classifying the purpose of the ad or the product or service that is being offered in the ad.

Deccan Herald Classified began a year after the Independence of India and has traveled through the journey of becoming the tenth most widely read newspaper in India while having its most Circulations in Karnataka. Deccan Herald newspaper has its editions in Bengaluru, Hubli, Davanagere, Mysore, Mangalore, Gulbarga and Delhi.

A few years back individuals used to order their ad by directly visiting the newspaper office and filling up detailed forms regarding the advertisement content and category or paying extra charges to agents to do this on their behalf, such a process was costly very tiring and lengthy. 

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Advantages of classified ad in Deccan Herald:

  1.  The first advantage of classified ads is its low cost compared to other forms of advertising as releaseMyAd provides discounted rates which allow small and medium businesses and even individuals to advertise 
  2. Classifieds in Deccan Herald have wide reach as seen by everyone reading the specific classified column. Little or no changes to fail to catch the eye of a targeted audience
  3. Since the advertisements are short and simple, they are easy to create 
  4. releaseMyAd allows individuals to book Deccan Herald classified online by simply calling or visiting releaseMyAd.

Broad Categories:                                                                                    

Deccan Herald classified ads provide you with options as Recruitment,Property, name change, lost and found, obituary, remembrance, public notice, court notice,tenders , personal, education and a lot more.

Easy 3 step process to book the ad in Deccan Herald through releaseMyAd

Booking an ad for Deccan Herald has been made easier online than ever!

  1. Select the ad category from various categories available in the releaseMyAd website and then choose the type of ad along with the city edition.
  2. Compose your ad by simple copy & paste and edit of a sample ad provided in the compose box for Classified ads.
  3. Select the dates and make payments online or offline at your convenience.

Two types of Deccan Herald classified advertisement:

When looking at the classified page, you must be wondering why some ads are colorful with pictures while others are just running lines under specific column headings. Take a look to classify ads on two broad categories Classified text or ROL(Run on line) and classified display.


Deccan Herald Classified Text Ad

The cheapest and easiest form of newspaper ad for your purpose. Deccan Herald classified tips suggest that when booking short matrimonial or lost and found or a name change kind of ad you should specifically book classified text as it is not heavy on your pocket and serves the purpose as well.


Deccan Herald Classified Display Ad

It allows you to get your ad designed in the single or multi-column as per your choice. You are allowed to put any picture along with the ad matter. releaseMyAd designers are there to design your ad in the most creative and eye-catchy way. A bit costlier than text ad, a classified display ad though a bit heavy on pockets can give you the best-desired response.

Book your ads in Deccan Herald classified through releaseMyAd and take advantage of a lucrative advertising medium. releaseMyAd ensures you a swift, quick reach to your target audience in Karnataka, be it suburbs or main cities.

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Why Advertising in Deccan Herald Newspaper is Effective & Easy !!!

Deccan Herald founded by K N Guruswamy in 1948, with it’s more than 70 years of legacy, is among the top ten most widely read newspapers in India and the most circulated and read newspaper in southern India. What went off to a disastrous start owing to low circulation and poor revenue because of competition that Deccan Herald had to face with over  130 Kanada publications that were around that time has now grown massively. To surprise, only two or three survives to date along Deccan Herald owing to its authenticity and strong foundation that it was built on.

With a readership of 5 lakh and more, Deccan Herald has several editions in Bengaluru, Hubli, Davanagere, Mysore, Mangalore, Gulbarga, and Delhi. Since its inception, Deccan Herald has been a witness to a lot of significant developments in the history of India and has adapted itself with alacrity. As Bengaluru transited from a pensioner’s paradise to a start-up hub, Deccan Herald has adapted itself accordingly providing us with supplements like Metrolife, Sunday Herald and Living.

Why advertise in the Deccan Herald newspaper ???

If looking to target the greater section of Karnataka, preferably English readers, advertise on Deccan Herald newspaper . Owing to Deccan Herald’s reasonable classified Ad rates, it is the primary choice of individuals and businesses who wish to place Ads for Matrimonial, business, services, education requirements, obituary, property. If you think Deccan Herald advertising can be a tedious process here is when releaseMyAd comes in the picture which provides you with cost-effective, hassle-free online ad booking.The releaseMyAd a PAN India partner network has helped individuals, and businesses to design their advertisement campaigns for over a decade now and has satisfied over 3 Lakh customers.

The following are the benefits of Deccan Herald advertising.

  • Bonafide in Karnataka.
  • Cost-effective yet best option.
  • Ample Supplements to suit your needs.
  • Wide reach from cities to local Suburbs.

Types of Deccan Herald Newspaper ads

Ads in Deccan Herald Newspaper

Display ads:  Such ads are premium ads appearing alongside the editorials in the main newspaper and are generally by businesses promoting their goods and services or for appointments. Individuals can also publish notices or tenders or an obituary ad in Deccan Herald through releaseMyAd by following the link  

Deccan Herald Classified
  • Classified ads: These types of ads are simple textual or display classified as per your choice. Ranging from a variety of categories such as Matrimonial, Recruitment, Lost and found, Vehicles buying or selling, property ads, Change of Name ads and other, releaseMyAd provides you the ease of booking by providing sample ads and convenience of booking the ad yourself by following some simple steps through Deccan Herald Classified & Display Advertisement Online, yet in case you need to get the ad booked for you, please call releaseMyAd expert executives at +91 9830629298 who will be there to guide you through the entire process and even book the ad for you.  Easy 3 step process to book the ad in Deccan Herald through releaseMyAd

Booking an ad for Deccan Herald has been made easier online than ever!

  1. Select the type of ad and the ad category from various categories available in our website.
  2. Compose your ad by simple copy & paste and edit of a sample ad provided in the compose box for Classified ads whereas send us your matter to get designed free of charges by a professional designer.
  3. Select the dates and make payments online or offline at your convenience.

Congratulations!! You can now just sit back and relax as your ad is booked for the Deccan Herald Newspaper. Wasn’t this an easy and hassle-free process as with any online purchase that you make? Well, you don’t have to even visit anywhere or get a lot of information before you give an ad in the newspaper, releaseMyAd has got your back! What to think go for simplified booking. 
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