Finding it Difficult to Place your Ad in Hindu Friday Review Supplement? Here’s the Easy Way

Friday a day we all look forward to. It’s a day when a busy week finally ends and a much needed weekend finally begins. For some it’s just the right time to catch up with all the happenings of the week through one single read. 

Hindu Friday Review is just the right supplement for these people as it gives you all the important events of that week in one paper. Giving an ad in this special supplement is a wonderful way to attract your target audience especially if your advertisement is retail-related. 

Giving retail in such a supplement is highly beneficial for your brand and increase your consumer count. To give a more convincing approach in any survey ever conducted it is been seen that the consumer-class is more likely to buy or at least consider buying something new on a Friday more than any other day of the week. Experts say in many cases it is due to traditional or religious beliefs that Friday is considered very auspicious to buy new things thus it is common for consumers to act this way.

Display Ads in Hindu Friday Review Supplement

Whatever may be the reason this consumer behavior is needed to be used as the opportunity to advertise as much as possible to attract a call of action from your desired audience. Maybe that is also the reason we find retail sales like “black Friday” and movies and new product launches to be held on a Friday all over the globe taking place more than any other day.

As you might have already guessed it this special pullout is published only on Friday of every week publishing only retail-related advertisements with a deadline of 2days prior i.e. Wednesday.

It covers locations like Vizag, Chennai, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai to name a few.

Starting from a minimum size – 8 cm width x 5 cm height , you can go for a quarter page – 16 cm x 25 cm, a half page – 33 cm x 25 cm and also a full page size – 33 cm width x 52 cm height .

Starting from a rate as low as 150/sqcm you can easily book an ad in the Hindu Friday Review supplement.

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