How can you Book Classified Ads in Punjab Kesari Newspaper

Punjab Kesari is one of India’s premier Hindi language daily, circulated in Punjab with a very strong presence in India’s ‘Hindi Belt’ region. This hindi-language newspaper is published from many centres in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi in India. Punjab Kesari has the readership of approximate 12.23 millions and an estimated circulation reaches to 15,71,000 copies on a daily basis. 

Punjab Kesari Newspaper Classified Advertising is the most cost effective way to promote your product or service and make your presence felt in the competitive market out there. Due to the wide reach and the loyal readership Punjab Kesari has in various states across India, it is an excellent choice for booking your classified ads.  Placing a classified ad in Punjab Kesari newspaper has become quite simple and hassle free through releaseMyAd, India’s largest self-service ad booking agency and reach out to a wide audience. Classified categories may be chosen as per your requirement ranging from Recruitment ads, Property ads, Automobile ads, Business ads to Obituary ads, Announcement ads and so many. With ReleaseMyAd at your service, you can book your classified ad online in just 3 Simple Steps – select the newspaper, compose your ad, and confirm the dates along with the payment and confirm their release instantly. 

Punjab Kesari Classified

You can choose to publish an Advertisement in Punjab Kesari via any of the following formats :-

  • Classified Text: These ads are printed on Kesari’s classified pages in run-on-line format. Some advertisers also prefer adding enhancements like screen, tick, bold or color for extra visibility. These classified ads are popularly booked for Sunday matrimonials, property, real estate, change of name, lost & found, astrology categories. The classified ads are published daily in the newspaper. They are charged on the basis of words. 
  • Classified Display: These Ads enable usage of pictures/ logos as when required and allow customized font sizes. Classified Display ads can be booked both in Punjab Kesari in colour as well as in black & white. These are little more expensive than the text ads and can be composed directly online with the use of templates. Advertisers can also upload their ads in PDF/JPEG/EPS/PNG formats and just specify the dimensions of the Punjab Kesari ad for instant booking. The width of the classified display is fixed at a maximum of 1 column which is equivalent to 3 cm.These ads are charged on the basis of per sq.

Following the below steps, you can easily book your ad :

  1. Visit releaseMyAd, the authorized online ad booking agent of Punjab Kesari. There are three formats in which you can place your ad in Punjab Kesari namely Classified Text ads (simple run on line ads), Classified Display ads (ads with logos/images and customized fonts) and Display ads (bigger ads with images placed in any preferred page other than the classified section. Advertisers, who are placing ads on a regular basis or have budget constraints opt for the first format that is the Classified Text formats. Then you need to choose your category (recruitment, property, travel, business, matrimonial, change of name, lost and found etc.). You will get the category options when you are on the category selection page of releaseMyAd. You can choose your category based on your requirement. Once you have selected your desired category, you will get a location list from where you can select your preferred location for your ad release. You can choose a single edition or multiple editions according to your requirement. It is suggested to select the all edition package which gives you a better response. 
  2. Next comes the Compose Ad section where you can compose your ad in your preferred language (either english or Hindi). There are sample ads available and tips to compose to guide you in placing your ad in the newspaper. Select the sub categories which plays a key role in receiving relevant responses. Choose enhancements (bold, color or screen) and proceed to the next step.
  3. Select your preferred date when you want to release your ad. The earliest date available for is highlighted on the calendar. Once it’s done you can preview your ad, make any changes if necessary by clicking on the edit option. For first time advertisers, registration is necessary and for existing users, login details are to be entered.  Multiple payment options are available which you can select to finish the booking procedure. Once the ad is booked, a reference number is generated and a confirmation mail is sent to you which includes the invoice of your ad.

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Opt for The Times Of India to publish your Classified or Display ads

Advertisement is a trustworthy medium to disperse information to the world. Be it a classified advertisement or a full-page display, companies and individuals do prefer circulating an update about their brands, products or any needs or requirements through this effective channel and drawing the attention of people across a city, state or even nationwide. 

Even though digitization has taken over the world, individuals still rely on this tangible medium for their advertisements needs as they completely trust the authenticity of it. Moreover, a chunk of our country’s population is still not as technologically adept or does not have the resource to use digital platforms, thereby making them bank on newspapers for information. 

Times of India Classified

If there’s a newspaper that Indians blindly rely on for their advertisement needs, it’s the Times of India. Given the extensive coverage, stature and unparalleled reputation, there’s no giving a second thought here as to why you should opt for the Times of India advertisement. You can rest assured that your ad will reach the right audience- reducing your efforts and effectively catering to your requirements. 

While The Times of India is the best choice for your advertising needs, releaseMyAd is the best choice for your TOI display and classified bookings needs. With its industry experience, lucid booking procedures, it is sure to not let you down. Follow these steps to book your ads with releaseMyAd- 

  1. To book your advertisements with The Times of India via releaseMyAd- click here-
  2. Select the ad type- display or classified text, click on the most suitable package.
  3. You will be redirected to the composition section where you either choose a template or design your ad with our professionals. Upload content and get going. 
  4. Finally, select the date of publishing, make your payment and await your ad! 

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releaseMyAd helps you use its industry expertise to book your advertisements and get rid of your ad booking worries. Book away with releaseMyAd without any hassles.

Let Hindustan Times Help You Find Your Soulmate!

Hindustan Times is one of the most respected and prestigious English language daily newspapers in India. Founded in 1924, and with its origins in the Indian Independence Movement, Hindustan Times has grown to become one of India’s largest newspapers in terms of circulation. It is the flagship publication of HT Media Ltd. and is widely hailed for its high calibre journalism and comprehensive reportage. 

Though popular in North India, Hindustan Times reaches all corners of the country and caters to a wide readership exceeding 37 million people with an estimated circulation of 1.4 million copies. It is said to be the No.1 English language newspaper in Delhi and Mumbai.

In India, marriages have been traditionally regarded as one of the most important events in a person’s life. In Indian culture, a marriage signifies not only the coming together of a bride and a groom but also the union of their respective families as well. Since time immemorial, arranged marriages have been the norm in India, and to this day still remains the norm. Indians place great emphasis on finding the perfect partner since a marriage is believed to be a sacred and lifelong bond between two people. In arranged marriages, it is the parents and the elders of the family who are involved in finding the most suitable partner for their sons and daughters. 

Hindustan Times Matrimonial

Given the significance of arranged marriages even today, the matrimonial column in the newspaper still remains an important part of Indian cultural life, despite the fact that more and more people are either finding their partners on their own or signing up on matrimonial sites. 

However, despite technological advancements over the years, the newspaper still remains the trusted choice of many across cities and villages in India, making it an ideal channel for your advertising needs. Hindustan Times advertising is a recommended way to get yourself noticed. You can place your matrimonial ads in Hindustan Times and reach out to a large number of people in cities and villages across the country. Publishing your Hindustan Times matrimonial ad through releaseMyAd is an effective way to facilitate your search for the most suitable bride or groom. 

HT Matrimonial

On releaseMyAd, you are guaranteed the lowest rates for all your ad requirements as well as attractive packages for your Hindustan Times matrimonial ad. You can browse the rates for different city editions of Hindustan Times on our website as well as ongoing discounts if any.

Book your matrimonial ads in Hindustan Times and leverage the vast network of advertising partners that releaseMyAd has, and avail of the lowest rates, guaranteed!

How Popular is Classified Ads in The Tribune Newspaper?

The Tribune newspaper had been the storyteller of the Indian freedom fighting movement. It witnessed various activities of the freedom fighters and created editorials for each of them. Thereby, this newspaper itself actively took part in the movement. Since its first issue in 1881, this newspaper has been the leading English daily of Punjab and its adjoining regions.

The Tribune keeps its readers updated with various latest news and current affairs. The readers remain entranced with the contents of the editorials. So, all these features of The Tribune are the reasons and open secret of its popularity. Probably every household of the northwestern part of India trusts and resorts this newspaper for current updates and other information. Naturally, classified advertisements of The Tribune newspaper gains huge popularity because of its readership figure.The Tribune Classified

The advertisers who select this newspaper for placing their classified ads enjoy the huge response. It is easier to reach the target market because this daily has a wide coverage. It covers major cities like Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Shimla, New Delhi and more.

I guess this is enough information to clear your doubts about the popularity of the classified ads in The Tribune Newspaper!

Now, booking classifieds through releaseMyAd is the easiest. Our platform allows advertisers like you to select from a wide range of category options.

Our list of categories for classifieds advertisements is as follows-


Under the above headings, you may further select the sub-categories, which helps your advertisements to be more subjective.

Find options like wanted brides and wanted grooms for Arora, Khatri, Sikh and more. You may also find options like property for rent, sale, and lease under the property column. So, visit our website now and find out more options.

To book your classified ad in Tribune with us, select the most suitable ad category, edition or ad package, next proceed to compose your ad, and finally make payment using the various payment options available with us.

Easy! Right?

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5 Reasons for Selecting Times of India Classifieds to Advertise

Planning to advertise in a newspaper?

Wondering which should be the best newspaper for placing classified ads?

releaseMyAd is at your rescue!

Though our advertisers get the option of advertising in various leading newspapers of India, as of now I should give you reasons to select Times of India for classified advertising.Times Of India Classified Ads

Goodwill and Popularity– Published from the house of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd, this newspaper gains huge popularity and has a commendable readership figure. This is one of the leading English dailies of India and the largest selling English newspaper in the World.

Circulation– Daily more than 2,716,291 copies are circulated across the country, therefore, your TOI classified ads shall reach out to every corner of the country.

Editions and packages– It’s various editions and ad booking packages shall help you to reach your desired location. Be it Northern, Southern, Eastern or Western parts of the country, by advertising in Times of India newspaper, you shall reach the leading metropolitans of the country and even the small towns of the country.

Pullouts– This newspaper also has a few popular pullouts like Property Times, Education Times and Appointment where classified advertisements can be booked and the advertisers gain huge response if they choose these platforms to advertise their classified ads like situation vacant, house for resale, flat for rent and similar ads.

Ad Rates– Now, the cost of advertising in TOI is much less compared to other leading newspapers of the country. You can check the ad rates of classified advertisements in Times of India once you visit our website.

I guess these reasons are enough to meet your need. So, by now are you convinced to book classified ads in Times of India?

If yes, then book your ad immediately with us. We are the leading ad agency of India and we shall assist you to find out more information before you book your ad. We are accredited by INS and hence, all leading newspapers share their rate cards with us and we update the same in our website without any extra commission charge.

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