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A tender is an invitation that is made by a business organisation to invite bids for commercial proposals, projects, ventures or for the delivery or construction of assets, or even for the purchase of bulk goods. In other words, publishing tenders is essentially the publication of an official letter when goods or materials need to be procured, or for the undertaking of any business project. 

The organisation that wishes to undertake a particular project, purchase an asset or procure goods and materials must fill in the tender. Tenders are filled in when the tender notice is issued and invitations are received for the bidding process. The bidding organisations then fill out the tender and state their price quotations. 

Placing tender ads in newspaper serves some useful functions. These advertisements provide relevant information about a business proposal, an upcoming project or a requirement of materials. Publishing these ads helps to invite bids as they are circulated across a wide geographical area, covering a large number of cities and towns with significant populations. 

Generally, there are two types of tender ads, namely closed tenders and open tenders. Closed tender ads are those which only selected and specific persons or entities can make bids for while open tender ads are those which are open to the public where anyone interested can make a bid. Open tenders are typically issued by government organisations while closed tenders are typically issued by private organisations that seek to earn profits.

Tender Ads in Newspaper

Tender notice ads serve two important functions. They help to identify the most suitable contractors for a project or a delivery and they provide a lucrative opportunity for contractors to make themselves known to business organisations. 

Newspapers, as it is well known, are a household staple in India, and people from all walks of life choose to keep themselves updated with all the latest news through newspapers. The newspaper is an indispensable accompaniment during breakfast and tea time, and also during leisure time. On such occasions, people are sure to come across the public notice advertisement, and those who are interested will reply to the ad. 

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