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Punjabi grooms are without doubt some of the most stylishly dressed gents out there. No Punjabi wedding is complete without the groom riding into the wedding venue on horseback accompanied by a band and dancers. Known to dress elegantly in vibrant sherwanis, they are the default mental image that one typically forms of an Indian groom. Punjabi men are known to be strong and hardworking with an almost insatiable lust for life and celebration. Punjabis, by nature, are some of the happiest and liveliest people in India and they need no excuse to share their cheer with you. 

As anyone who’s ever attended a Punjabi wedding will tell you, they are veritable carnivals in their own right, with endless singing and dancing, scrumptious food and fancy decorations. There is plenty of cheer and everyone is seen having a good time.

But ever thought about how much preparation went on behind the scenes to plan that perfect Punjabi wedding? It all started with selecting a groom. In Punjabi marriages, which are traditionally arranged, the bride, in consultation with her family, selects the most suitable groom. Marriages, in Indian culture, are regarded as one of the most important and auspicious life events, signifying not only the coming together of a bride and a groom, but also of the union of their respective families. This makes selecting the most suitable prospective groom all the more crucial. 

Punjabi Groom Matrimonial Ads

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