Get your advertisement in Indian Express to find the perfect partner for your daughter!

Marriage is not just a union between two people but between two families. It is seen as a holy ceremony with a promise to love and care for each other for the rest of their lives. Finding the right partner is essential for making a lifelong promise as such. This is where Indian express classified ads come in!

Indian Express Classified

Founded in 1932, Indian Express is an English-language Indian daily newspaper with a readership of over 5 crs with publications in 22 major cities across the country. Publishing a matrimonial Indian Express classified ad will help you ease up the process of finding the perfect partner for your daughter. 

Indian Express not only has a great readership percentage but also caters to a diverse variety of audiences. Due to its growing popularity among readers, a matrimonial advertisement in Indian express can turn out to be a huge help for you.

So, how can you publish an Indian express classified to find the perfect match?

  1. First, you have to go to to begin your ad booking process. Select the newspaper as Indian Express and the category as Matrimonial. For your advertisement in Indian Express, you can choose from Classified Text Ads (only text and are comparatively cheaper) or Classified Display Ads (an image or logo is present along with the text making it more attractive, a bit expensive than Classified Text Ads ) according to your budget and requirements.
Matrimonial Ad in Indian Express
  1. Then, select the Ad Format and proceed to choose a discount package as listed. You will be directed to another page, i.e, a  ‘Compose Ad’ page where you will have to select the sub-category you want. While composing your ad, you have to share all your relevant details including your contact number. Don’t forget to mention your preferred requirements in your Indian express classified ad like physical traits, personal information or family background you are looking for in a prospective match for your daughter in the ad content.

It is very important to mention your own educational and professional background in your matrimonial classified in Indian Express. You can also specify a specific time you wish to be contacted if there’s any. You are free to upload your own designed ad matter in case of a Classified Display Advertisement. There are other features for you to add to your Indian express classified ads such as a colorful background visually appealing.

  1. Now, that you have successfully composed your ad, it’s time to finally publish it. Select the preferred dates for your advertisement in Indian Express and make payments through any means as per your choice like Credit/Debit Cards, Internet Banking, Cheques, NEFT, etc to confirm your booking. As soon you complete the payment, you will receive an invoice for the ad through your mail.

In case of any queries, you can always reach out to our executives at 09830629298 to get all your doubts cleared!

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5 Tips to reduce Advertising Costs in Maharashtra Times Classifieds!

As amazing as it is to see your Maharashtra times classifieds, you simply can not ignore that tug in your pocket every time you pay money for these advertisements. Advertising costs are unavoidable but that does not have to mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket to bear them.  There are no.of factors that has an effect on the total expenditure on these advertisements and so, figuring out which factor to focus more on and which are the ones you can tweak a bit without much harm can help you reduce your cost significantly.

So, how can you reduce your Maharashtra Times classifieds advertising costs without affecting the returns?

  1. Choose your Ad Type consciously: Display Ads surely garner more attention from customers but do you have the need for it? Ask yourself this question before making a choice about your Ad Type. Maharashtra Times classifieds are the cheaper yet preferable choice for many advertisers. Display Ads are 6-7 times more expensive than classified ads, so until and unless that kind of exposure is absolutely necessary for your brand, go for the cheaper and slightly less effective option, Display Classified Ads.
  1. Publish your Ads on Weekdays: Yes, it’s true that the readership of Maharashtra Times newspaper ads is highest during weekends but that does not mean that the readership is nil on weekdays. The cost of advertising is higher on weekends and organizations without giving it much thought, join the race. Plan your ads accordingly on weekdays and it will give you the same returns as any other ad on a weekend.
  1. Print a Quarter-Page Ad: The phrase “Content is King” has never been more true as it is in today’s world. If your Maharashtra Times classifieds contain amazing and relevant content then, you will be able to attract your audience even with a quarter-page ad. A full-page ad will definitely have a greater impact but its cost will also be greater. Try to do more with less. 
Ads in Maharashtra Times
  1. Buy Bulk Deal: If you are publishing a recruitment or property ad that needs multiple releases in more than one day, then you might want to go for a bulk deal. Talk to your agency and ask for a discount deal. It is sure to reduce your rate of Maharashtra Times newspaper ads notably.
  1. Figure out where your TG lies – Go Regional: Publishing your ad in a national newspaper will surely expose your organization to a wide audience but does that kind of exposure required for your organization? Someone with their target audience in Maharashtra should publish  Maharashtra Times newspaper ads instead of a national newspaper ad. Regional newspapers cost less and will reach your target audience much more effectively. Quality over quantity.

Now that you have unlocked the tips and tricks to reduce your newspaper advertising budget, it is time to go ahead and publish your Maharashtra Times newspaper ads. You are already at the right place and all you have to do now is go ahead and book your ad here:

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Happy Advertising!

How to book your Gujarat Samachar advertisement online in 4 Quick Steps?

Remember those long calls and tiresome queues you had to go through when you wanted to book an ad in the newspaper? Find numbers in those newspapers and call them, just to have them direct you from one person to another. Publishing a Gujarat Samachar advertisement is also no different.

So, what makes Gujarat Samachar the go-to newspaper in Gujarat for advertisements? 

With its low ad rates, amazing reach and trust among its readers, Gujarat Samachar has emerged as one of the leading newspapers in India with a readership of over 8.3 million. It has become a trusted source of information for its readers, in turn, making the ads much more trustworthy. 

As appealing as the Gujarat Samachar advertisement might sound, the process of booking it might be too exhaustive. But in today’s digitized world, booking an ad is no more a hassle and replaces those long steps with 3 short easy ones!

So, how can you book your Gujarat Samachar advertisement in 3 Quick Steps?

  1. Start your advertising by clicking on this link:, which will direct you to our Gujarat Samachar Advertisement Booking Portal. From there, you have to choose your “Ad Type”, i.e, between Classified Ads or Display Ads.
  1. If you clicked on:
  2. Classified Ads – Select the category of your Gujarat Samachar advertisement, for eg, matrimonial, recruitment, property, etc. Following that, choose if you wanna go for a Text Classified Ad (simple text ads which only contain text, charged basis no. of words, letters and lines) or a Classified Display Ad (Ads with a picture/logo along with the text making it more appealing and are charged per sq. cm).

Following that, just select a location where you want to publish and voila! You are now ready to move forward to the next step, that is, composing your ad.

Ads in Gujarat Samachar Newspaper
  1. Display Ads For ads in Gujarat Samachar, you have to choose from the Ad options present like main newspaper, Appointment, Obituary, etc. After selecting the Ad option, you will be presented with a list of locations where the newspaper is circulated with their rates. You can choose your location and click on “Book Now” or you can also check out the ‘Discount Packages” below.

             Next, you will be asked to provide your contact details and choose the Ad Format. And there you go! You are ready to compose your ad now. 

3. Next step is composing your ad. In the case of Text Classified Ads in Gujarat Samachar, just write down the text that you want to publish. For Classified Display Ads, you have the option to choose from our existing design templates or can also upload your own. If you use an existing template, all you have to do is change the text, select the dates and go to the next step!

In case of Display Ads, after choosing your location and rate packages, you will be directed to a page to choose the AD SIZE, AD POSITION, AD FORMAT and CAMPAIGN DETAILS. 

To book ads in Gujarat Samachar, next, you have to fill in your contact details and click on “GET QUOTE”. 

4. Now that you have composed your Gujarat Samachar advertisement successfully, it’s time to make the payment. We accept both online and offline payments. Just select the dates for your ad and you can choose Debit/Credit Cards, cheques, demand drafts or any other method to make the payment. 

As soon as you make the payment, your ad will be booked and you will receive a confirmation email for the same. 

For further queries, you can call us at 09830629298 or mail us at

Happy Booking!