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Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the study of the operation and design of chemical plants, and also the methods of improving production processes. It is a field of engineering that influences various other sub-branches of engineering, as well as different aspects of technology. Chemical engineering is founded on the use of chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology and even economics with the purpose of understanding, using and transforming energy and materials into useful applications. 

Chemical engineers are the people who work in this domain. They are responsible for developing methods, processes and solutions to make optimum use of available resources in order to bring further advancement in our world. The work that chemical engineers do ranges from laboratory research to the utilisation of nanotechnology and nanomaterials to developing and improving large scale industrial processes. These processes may involve chemicals, raw materials, microorganisms, energy, living cells, tissues and even metals for the purpose of transforming them into forms that are useful and beneficial. 

Recruitment ads for Chemical Engineer in Newspaper

A chemical engineer is not just a graduate in chemistry or engineering. The chemical engineer is a person who influences diverse areas of engineering and technology with their thinking and ideas. Chemical engineers have diverse roles in their field, and this can range from designing processes to plants and even coming up with solutions to improve an existing process. They conduct extensive research and experimentation in the laboratory, corroborate their findings and perform feasibility studies before bringing their ideas to the outside world. 

Chemical engineers hold a bachelors or a masters degree in chemical engineering, and this field can even be pursued as a diploma. There are also professional certifications for practicing chemical engineers, and these certifications are issued by organisations such as the Institution of Chemical Engineers or the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, for example. 

Given the scope of chemical engineering, it would be safe to say that a degree in chemical engineering is inextricably and directly connected to every single other engineering discipline, although the respective extents may vary. Chemical engineers are the people thanks to whom we have plastics, medicines, polymers, fertilisers, petrochemicals, cosmetics, and a whole range of food products as well as beverages. 

Finding the best chemical engineer can no doubt be a daunting task. Given that there is an enormous demand for chemical engineers in today’s world, it is a time consuming exercise to find the right candidate. 

In a country like India, more and more people are taking to online job portals to find the perfect job, and chemical engineers are no exception. They also rely on their personal or family contacts to secure high paying jobs. The word of mouth method is as strong as ever.

However, the one method of recruitment that has withstood the test of time is the newspaper advertisement. India is a country where the newspaper is a household staple, and people across the country rely on newspapers to find information on a diverse range of topics. 

Needless to say, the recruitment section of the classifieds page is where people looking to hire chemical engineers place their ads, and people of a chemical engineering background seeking employment in the field can find vacancies.

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