Looking for the Most suitable Partner? Release a Matrimonial Ad in The Times Of India

Marriages in India are the most elaborate, joyous and tiresome affairs. Sometimes a perfect phenomenon or otherwise a fiasco, weddings are an adventure of sorts. But it’s all worth it when individuals get hitched to the right person. India has a 70-50 ratio of arranged and love marriages proving that arranged marriages are still the preferred choice. So it all starts with the pursuit of a suitable bride or groom. 

Times Of India Matrimonial Ad

Letting out biodatas, secretly whispering to relatives and letting out advertisements is how the lookout for the better half begins. These days, online matrimonial sites are the preferred medium to find a suitor. Liberal families and broad minded societies are decisive and enthusiastic enough to let out information via this channel. However the traditional mode of matchmaking has been newspaper matrimonial advertisement. 

Newspaper matrimonials have been the first choice for the predominant section of the society as it has a better reach. It aims at the newspaper reading population- largely the elderly section who are not so adept with the internet but play a crucial role in deciding on the bride/groom. Secondly, the rural population mostly gather information through newspapers as they either do not own phones or don’t have a strong internet connection to consume information through the digital channel. Newspaper advertisements can easily be accessed by all. 

Wanted Bride/ Groom Ad

Are you looking for the most ideal newspaper to trust your matrimonial advertisements with? The Times of India matrimonial ad is what you should be relying on. A massive readership, an unparalleled repute and the strongest newsbase is what makes The Times of India such a strong and prevailing choice. It covers a diverse variety of news including politics, international, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, health, technology, education along with editorial and opinion pages. 

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Wanting To Advertise A ‘Wanted Bride’ Ad? Look No Further Than Times Of India

There’s something extremely endearing about arranged marriages in India. The whole arrangement and the sequence of events leading to the benediction of the uniting souls is unique, unconventional and rarely experienced in other countries. For arranged unifications, the families actively look for an ideal partner for the bride or groom, meet and finally seek acceptance from the two individuals who are to get hitched. 

A major challenge of an arranged marriage is the search for the right partner. Most families looking for a bride look up matrimonial websites, spread the word amongst acquaintances or release a matrimonial advertisement in newspapers. The matrimonial website trend may be taking the lead for the hunt but there are still many families in our country who do not trust or rely on these websites or do not have access to them. Technical challenges as well the lack of internet access in remote areas make them turn to the traditional method of newspaper matrimonials when looking for a bride/groom. 

Bride Wanted Advertisement

The cost effective nature of newspapers and the ease of availability in the most remote areas of the country make it a reliable channel to escalate the word. Newspapers let individuals post all the traits that they desire in their better half. With evolving times, people don’t revert back through postal mails as one gets to post their contact details to ensure quick and direct contact if someone is interested. 

If you are wondering which newspaper would be ideal to publish a wanted bride/groom advertisement, then The Times Of India matrimonials is the answer. Wider reach, a massive readership and the goodwill of the brand name will promise a better response as compared to any other newspaper. 

Wanted Bride Ad in Times Of India

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Find your Marathi Match by Booking Matrimonial Ads in Times of India

We know how important it is to find out the perfect match for your loved ones. The happiness and peace for a lifetime depending on the correct choice of identifying your life partner. Now, one can find out the correct person from various sources such as matrimonial online sites, newspaper advertisements or from the reference of family, relatives, and friends.

However, placing newspaper matrimonial advertisement is the age-old and traditional approach to find out the ideal person. Now, among the various newspapers, people highly rely on Times of India Matrimonial Ads and it has been the most popular source of match-making since its foundation. Owned by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd this English daily stands as the fourth-largest newspaper in India in terms of circulation and largest selling the English-language daily newspaper in the world (as per Audit Bureau of Circulations).

The wide circulation of Times of India around the country leads to the huge readership figure and popularity.Times of India Matrimonial

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