Want to simplify booking public notice ads? Here’s how!

It may be surprising to many, but public notices have been in existence for several centuries. In fact, public notices have been around even before newspapers were invented. The original concept of a public notice goes back to the time when notices were posted in public squares. Since those days, public notices have come a long way. The concept has undergone evolutions over the ages and it was in the first English language newspaper, called The Oxford Gazette, that public notice ads became the norm in newspapers. 

The term ‘public notice’ is used to refer to advertisements that are published with the intention of informing the public of matters that are of interest or of concern to the members of said public. Public notice ads are a legal requirement, and it is stipulated by law that such notices need to be published in newspapers.

Public Notice in Newspaper

The publication of public notice ads in newspapers serves two important functions. One, it fulfils a legal requirement, and two, these ads serve to inform the public as well as making people aware of information about particular legal proceedings. Public notice ads provide relevant information to the public on events or issues that concern the public. They are typically published by corporate organisations, government companies or a legislative authority.

Public notice advertisements are beneficial to society at large. This is because they serve to provide information to the public regarding decisions or proposals that are made, which helps the members of the public make informed choices regarding the subject matter of such public notices. This is especially beneficial if the proposal or decision that forms the subject matter of the public notice is relevant to the public. These ads provide members of the public a fair opportunity to influence decisions by organisations and governing authorities. Therefore, public notice ads are necessary for the proper functioning of a healthy democratic society. 

Newspapers, as we all know, are widely trusted by people from all walks of life as they provide readers with the latest national and international news, as well as information from a diverse range of topics. Advertisements are an integral part of print media and they serve a multitude of purposes, namely to inform, spread awareness and even to persuade. Therefore advertising in newspapers is an effective way to reach out to a larger audience. The cost of public notice ad in newspaper is not expensive as it is under the ‘classifieds’ section where ads are arranged on the basis of their ad category. Classified ads are easy to book as well as cost effective.

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Publish Public Notice Ads in Newspaper in 3 steps via releaseMyAd

Public notice advertisement is a notice given to the public regarding certain types of legal proceedings. These types of ads are found in most of the newspapers under a specified column.  Traditionally, public notices are announced through newspapers that are intended for general circulation, published regularly at short intervals. For publishing these type of ads newspapers are the best platforms.Public Notice Display Ad

Public notice is one of the most important categories in newspapers. The ads are published with the objective to notify the general public or the officials about the alteration in government or public bodies.

Public notice ads in the newspaper are booked in three different formats which include classified text, classified display and display. Classified text ads are charged by the word or line and are the cheapest.  While classified display ads are charged as per square centimeter.  Display ads are little pricey as they include graphics and images in the ad matter. Our website offers different enhancers and pre-designed templates which you can use to beautify your ad content. You can also take reference from the ad samples that are uploaded on the website.Public Notice Ads in newspaper

So if you are thinking how to publish a public notice in a newspaper then visit the online ad booking portal of releaseMyAd. In 2008 releaseMyAd was founded with the idea of booking classified ads online in national and local newspapers of India. With the aim to make advertising easy for the clients, we brought the entire marketplace at your fingertips enabling the advertisers to choose from a wide range of options to fulfil their advertising goals. releaseMyAd simplifies your advertising experience by saving time and money. It eliminates the hectic process that one has to go through earlier.  We are authorized by INS, the main governing council of media publications, so the publication house sends us direct ad rates without any extra commission charge.

releaseMyAd Ad booking process: Our ad booking process is very simple; it will take only a few minutes to book your ad. So follow these 4 steps below:

  •    Select the ad format and choose your preferred newspaper edition, category and package
  •    Compose your ad using the enhancements or you can upload your creative in case of classified Display or Display Ads
  •    Now select the ad release date and proceed to make the payment online

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